Top 10 Weirdest Races of 2015

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Racing - whether by bike, foot, or some other form of transportation - has taken on a whole new level of weird. Check out the Top 10 Weirdest, most unusual, or just straight up awesome races for 2015.

5k Bare Burro Run

Olive Dell Nudist Ranch

Every year the Olive Dell Nudist Ranch in Southern California hosts the 5K Bare Burro Run. With more than 200 runners in 2014, the race is clearly something to behold. Carlo Panno, of the Bare Burro Publicity Committee says that, "Most people, we've found, consider it a bucket list item to run a competitive nude race." If that's you, go sign up - it's chip timed and everything.

Maritime Republic of Eastport's Annual .05K Bridge Run

Maritime Republic of Eastport

This one's weird on a couple levels. First, there's no such thing as the Maritimme Republic of Eastport - it's a mock breakaway republic that "seceded" from Annapolis.

Second, the .05K race is touted the "least challenging athletic event ever conceived." The race is (clearly) short, just spanning the distance of the Spa Creek bridge that connects the City of Annapolis with Eastport.

It might not be a race you want to spend big bucks to travel to, but if you're in Maryland, it's worth a go. Admission is $20 for runners and free for spectators.

The 3 Dune Challenge

The Indiana Dunes

The 3 Dunes Challenge isn't a traditional race, but a self-led 1.5 mile course that requires you to climb the three highest sand dunes at Indiana Dunes State Park. In addition to the challenge of climbing elevations, every few steps you take results in a backslide of a step on the sand - which means you actually go further than the 1.5 mile distance.

Since the Challenge isn't an official race, you can simply grab a group of friends and set up your own mini races whenever you'd like. Entry to the park is $5 per car for those registered in Indiana and $10 per car for those registered out of state.

Zappos Bay to Breakers

Zappos Bay to Breakers

The Bay to Breakers race is nothing new - this team-style 12k race is a huge costume party that runs from one end of San Francisco to the other. This year, Zappos is taking over as the title sponsor, and they're planning to break as many world records as possible during the race. Runners can even submit their world record ideas by registering, then submitting a record idea through Twitter. Zappos is going for "weird" - the example on their website is "Most People to Take a Selfie With a Port-o-Potty." Get in on the fun by registering.

Bar Harbor's Annual Bed Races

Bar Harbor & Acadia National Park

This November (just like Novembers of the last 8 years), teams of five decorate and race beds on wheels down Main Street in Bar Harbor during the Annual Bed Races. One person must be in the bed during the race, while the other four teammates push. Prizes are given for "fastest bed" and "best decorated." Some teams use real beds, while others construct their own. The only caveat is that the bed must look like a real bed, with a head board, footboard and a twin-sized box spring or mattress.

Ezakimak Race

Mammoth Mountain

Get ready for a snow challenge. The first ever Ezakimak race ("Kamikaze" spelled backwards) is a 5k distance that's a lot more challenging than a standard road race. Racers participate under the full "pink moon", snow shoeing, skiing or climbing up the course, gaining an elevation of 2,000 feet. In addition to the race itself, there will be music, kids' activities, food, beverages, and an overall good time.

Fit Foodie Run

Fit Foodie 5K Weekend

Frankly, the Fit Foodie 5k Weekend just sounds flippin' delicious. The 2015 series begins in June, stopping in Austin, TX, Fairfax, VA, Chicago, IL and San Diego, CA.

Unlike most other 5Ks, the Fit Foodie 5K is an entire weekend of fitness and culinary experiences. Participants can enjoy food tastings, cooking and fitness demonstrations, the 5K race, yoga sessions and boot camps. The goal is to spread the word that it's possible to embrace a healthy lifestyle while still enjoying food.

Wings for Life World Run

Thomas Sweertvaegher for Wings for Life World Run

The Wings for Life World Run quite literally takes place all over the world - 25 races, 6 continents, all with one start. Rather than moving toward a finish line, participants run as far as they can before the "Catcher Car" passes them. The runners get a 30-minute head start before the chaser car gets moving. This moving "finish line" gives participants even more motivation to push themselves. This year the race will be held in three North American cities - Sunrise, FL, Santa Clarita, CA, and Niagara Falls, ON, Canada. Registration is $50, and 100% of the proceeds go to spinal cord injury research - in 2014, $4.1 million was raised, and the furthest distance run before being caught by the chaser car was 46.4 miles by Ethiopia's Lemawork Ketema.

MoonPie Mini Challenge

Moon Pie

As part of the Tennessee Valley Half Marathon, the MoonPie Mini Challenge will force runners to cover a grueling 0.131 miles to a MoonPie eating station, where they'll be forced to eat three MoonPies before turning around and racing back to the start another horrifying 0.131 miles. Not too bad, right? MoonPies and a short race actually sounds pretty good. The best part is that the winner receives free mini MoonPies for a whole year. Race entry is $20 and anyone participating in the Tennessee Valley Half Marathon receives a free entry into the challenge, while those participating in the 5K or 10K races receive a discounted entry. Registration takes place through the main Tennessee Valley Half Marathon site.



Cotopaxi's Questival

race series isn't just a race - it's a 24-hour scavenger hunt adventure. It started in Salt Lake City in 2014, and in 2015 it will be hitting more than 30 cities, including Las Vegas, New York, Austin, and more. Teams are tasked with more than 200 challenges (each given a varying value of points), with the goal to complete as many as possible in the 24 hour period. The team that finishes with the most points wins international humanitarian trips, cash, gear, and more. Challenges include athletic feats, such as climbing a mountain, to fun ones, like sleeping under the stars. Some challenges are location-specific, such as taking a photo with an Elvis impersonator in Vegas. After the challenge is over, a huge party for participatns takes off, including music, food trucks, and fun activities.

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