What Are Gummy Bear Breast Implants?

The Newest Generation of Breast Implants

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The “gummy bear” implant is the latest generation of silicone implants available today. They feel better and with less complications than regular silicone. Just rack them up as another choice for breast implants.

What is a Gummy Bear Implant?

Composed of ultra-cohesive form-stable silicone gel that closely bands together, the implants have the feeling of natural breast tissue. It is also this gel that ensures that the implant contents will not leak out if ruptured or cut.

With the gel of the implant denser, it acts like a solid. It does not change shape and the breast shape will not change as a result. Kind of like the candy that they are named after, gummy bears. 

But while the namesake candy as many imitators — gummy worms, gummy sharks —the other names for the gummy bear implant do not take different forms. You may hear your surgeon, refer to gummy bear implants as cohesive gel implants, ultra-cohesive, high strength silicone gel, form stable, and highly cohesive implants.

The cohesive composition of the implant allows it to be formed into a teardrop shape to fit each patient. The implants are available in a range of sizes and are soft yet firm. There are several manufacturers of the gummy bear implant. They include:

  • Sientra®’s Silimed implants – approved by the FDA in 2012
  • Allergan’s Natrelle® 410s – approved by the FDA in 2013
  • Mentor®’s MemoryShape™- approved by the FDA in 2013

    Benefits of Gummy Bear Implants

    In 2012 the Food and Drug Administration approved gummy bear implants, but the U.S. is late in adopting them. Gummy bear implants have been a popular choice in Europe since 1995 and in Canada starting in 2000. And, with good reason, they have many advantages:

    • The shell of the cohesive silicone gel implant is stronger than other approved silicone implants
    • The implant can be placed with the same incision patterns as other silicone implants
    • They are able to maintain their shape and upright position
    • They are less likely to shift, collapse or fold 
    • They give a more natural feel and are softer
    • They have a lower incidence of complications
    • They do not ripple
    • They come in a variety of shapes and sizes
    • They come in a variety of textures

    In clinical trials, cohesive gel breast implants were shown to be safe and effective for six years for both reconstructive and augmentation patients.

    Because of the composition of the implant, there is minimal risk of the gel migrating if the implant shell ruptures. The gummy bear implants are less likely to exhibit complications such as rupture and capsular contracture.

    Candidates for Gummy Bear Implants

    Ideal candidates for gummy bear implants should be women who:

    • Are not nursing or pregnant
    • Are physically healthy
    • Want to increase the size, shape or symmetry of their breasts
    • Want a natural look and feel

    While there are risks with any surgical procedure, patients should be aware of the risks or complications associated with breast augmentation surgery and realistic in their expectations.

    The Gummy Bear Procedure

    Breast augmentation surgery with gummy bear implants typically takes two hours to complete.

    It is performed with general anesthesia. After the procedure, the incision area is stitched closed, taped and bandaged. After a few days, the bandages may be exchanged with a supportive surgical bra.

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