What Are the Main Causes of Stress?

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Question: What Are The Main Causes of Stress?

I'm experiencing significant stress, and would like to cut down on the daily stress I feel. (I also wonder if I'm alone in the type of thing that stress me.) What are the main causes of stress?

Answer: Many people experience stress on a daily basis, and many of the stressors are the same for everyone. Some people are, by nature or habit, more susceptible to stress, or more likely to be stressed by something that would more easily roll off someone else's back.

However, according to a poll on this site, as well as other research, the following are causes of stress to a good portion of the population:

  • Jobs and The Workplace
  • Financial Problems
  • Personal Relationships
  • Children
  • Daily Hassles / Being Too Busy

Fortunately, this site has resources to help you deal with these issues. You'll also find information and tools you can use to calm down quickly when you feel overwhelmed, and develop more resilience to stress that comes your way. The following resources can help:

  • Are You Your Own Worst Enemy? Some people are more vulnerable to stress and its effects because of their way of seeing and approaching the world. Do you cause yourself unnecessary stress with negative thinking or behavior patterns? (You may be surprised!) Here you'll find information and self-assessment tools to get you into a healthier frame of mind so you can experience less stress without having to change your whole lifestyle.

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