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Who Are You Avoiding?


Avoiding situations that you fear can relieve your anxiety in the short term -- but only serves to reinforce your phobia in the long term.

Do You Lack Assertiveness?


People with social anxiety often lack assertiveness because they are afraid of upsetting others or of being judged negatively. However, being assertive is a skill that can improve relationships -- because it lets the other person know what you need and what you expect.

Do Public Restrooms Make You Anxious?


The fear of using public restrooms is called paruresis. Anxiety about using restrooms in public can interfere with daily life -- and is no joke. However, it is a fear that can be overcome.

Do You Blush?


Blushing is a common symptom of social anxiety disorder. You probably find that your face flushes red when you are singled out or made the center of attention.

Are You Quiet in Class?


Students with social anxiety tend to be quiet and don't answer as many questions in class. They may suffer in silence and wish that they could participate more. Teachers may even overlook these students, thinking that they are not interested, rather than socially anxious.

Are You Hiding in Your Dorm Room?


If you suffer from social anxiety, chances are you may hide in your dorm room rather than seek friends out in college. While this may solve your short-term problem of being anxious, in the long run, it deprives you of needed friendships in college.

Is Facebook Hurting You?


While Facebook can be used to make and maintain friendships, it can also have negative effects for those with social anxiety. If you use Facebook, be sure not to compare yourself to others and don't take too much time composing your posts–people are not reading that closely.

Do You Avoid Answering the Door?


People with social anxiety may avoid doing simple things that others would never consider not doing, such as answering the door, answering the phone, or making appointments. If this is you–consider that only practice will make your fears subside.

Do You Hide at Parties?


 Socially anxious individuals may find themselves hiding in the bathroom at parties. If this is you, understand that the more time you spend hiding, the fewer chances you have to overcome your fears. You don't have to be a social butterfly, but at least put your best foot forward for a few hours before you decide to escape.

Do You Feel Misunderstood?


 People with social anxiety are often misunderstood by others. They may be asked why they are so "quiet" or why they don't just speak up more. If this has happened to you, a list of the worst things to say to people with social anxiety disorder may resonate.

Have You Met Your Neighbors?


Oh, those pesky neighbors again! Are you afraid to talk to your neighbors? If so, take heart. They probably don't think about you in as negative of a light as you perceive yourself. Offer an easy smile, say hello, and help when you can. It doesn't have to be harder than that.

Is Dating Difficult?


Dating can be difficult for those with social anxiety disorder. You might fear asking someone on a date, not know how to talk to someone you are dating, and spend most of your life alone.

First things first–where can you go on a first date?

Can You Make Small Talk?


Making small talk is easier if you have plans about what you will say in advance. The following article offers tips about what to say during small talk—and what not to say.

Are Phone Calls Hard?


Phone calls can be hard for those with social anxiety. You might be afraid to pick up the phone when it rings, preferring to let it go to voicemail. You might put off important calls because you are too nervous to dial the number. The following article may help you get over your phone phobia.

Does Social Anxiety Rule Your Life?


Social anxiety can take over your life, dictating everything that you do (and don't do). If this has happened to you, you may want to consider how to break free from the rut that you are in.

Does Sex Make You Anxious?


Is sex hard when you have social anxiety disorder? For sure. Here, some readers share their feelings about the issues that social anxiety causes in terms of having sex.

Do You Give Up Easily?


Not so fast! Don't give up on your goals because of social anxiety. Here are some tips for you to follow through and achieve what you want in life.

Do You Stutter?


Stuttering has a relationship with social anxiety, and it is a problem that can be overcome. Read more about the connection between stuttering and social anxiety disorder and what works to solve this type of social problem.

Are You Socially Anxious at Work?


Social anxiety can affect your work and career in many ways. From turning down promotions to avoiding social interaction with fellow employees—and in extreme cases not being able to work at all—social anxiety has a huge impact.

Do You Feel Alone?


Stop feeling alone on special days of the year with these tips.

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