What Causes Large Pores?

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Causes of Large Pores. Don Bayley / Getty Images

Question: What Causes Large Pores?


Most people have visible pores to some extent, but oily skinned people usually have more of a problem with large pores than those with dry skin. When pores are filled with sebum and debris (think blackheads) they stretch out, making them much more obvious.

Pores become more noticeable during puberty when the sebaceous glands start pumping out more oil. As they get older, some people notice that their pores become less conspicuous, although not always.

For some, the loss of skin’s elasticity can make the pores look larger. Pore size is also dependent upon genetics.

Follicular prominence is the term used to describe pores that have become enlarged. Many people with acne develop follicular prominence, but other skin conditions like keratosis pilaris rubra or pityriasis rubra pilaris, can also cause this problem.

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