What Everybody Ought to Know About Thyroid Cancer

Information, Resources and Support for Thyroid Cancer Patients

In 2014, the American Cancer Society estimates that about 62,980 new cases of thyroid cancer will be diagnosed in the United states -- 47,790 in women, and 15,190 in men. They estimate that 1,890 people will die from thyroid cancer in 2014 (1,060 women and 830 men). Thyroid cancer is one of the only types of cancer that is on the rise in the United States. While many types of thyroid cancer are survivable, thyroid cancer can be a complicated cancer to diagnose and treat. Here is the information everyone ought to know about thyroid cancer.


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Thyroid Cancer 101: The Basics -- What are the different types of thyroid cancer? How is thyroid cancer diagnosed and treated?

Information About Thyroid Cancer-- Knowing the symptoms and risks of thyroid cancer, as well as how it's diagnosed and treated, can help you become better educated on the key types of thyroid cancer -- including papillary, follicular, medullary and anaplastic thyroid cancer.

How to Do a Neck Check , and Thyroid Cancer Facts -- Could you have thyroid cancer? Do your own Thyroid Neck Check to find out now.


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Thyroid Cancer Rates are Increasing -- Rates of thyroid cancer are on the rise in the United States. Is it due to better detection of existing thyroid cancers, or an increasing rate of thyroid cancer?

Why Are More People Being Diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer?  -- The rate of thyroid cancer has more than doubled over the past three decades. Is better detection the cause, or is there an increase in the occurrence of thyroid cancer?


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Thyroid Cancer Symptoms -- Thyroid cancer, especially early in its development, may not cause you any symptoms at all. But as a thyroid cancer grows and develops, it is more likely to cause symptoms. Take a look at the potential signs of thyroid cancer.

Thyroid Nodules/Lumps and Goiter (Enlargement) -- When are thyroid nodules benign, and when are they malignant? What is the risk that your enlarged thyroid or thyroid lump is cancerous?


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Thyroid Cancer Diagnosis: A Look at the Procedures and Tests for Diagnosing Thyroid Carcinoma -- How is thyroid cancer diagnosed? Which tests and procedures do you need to properly diagnose different types of thyroid cancer?

Fine Needle Aspiration: FNA Biopsy of the Thyroid -- The most common method for evaluation of a suspicious thyroid nodule is a technique known as fine needle aspiration, or FNA. Learn more about this procedure now.

Test Helps Patients With Inconclusive Biopsies Avoid Unnecessary Thyroid Surgery -- If you have an inconclusive or indeterminate fine needle aspiration (FNA) biopsy of your thyroid nodule, a special test may help you unnecessary thyroid surgery.

Second Opinions for Thyroid Cancer Patients -- If you possibly have thyroid cancer, or are living with thyroid cancer, when do you need a second opinion?

How Thyroid Patients Can Find the Right Kind of Doctor for Their Thyroid Care -- Are you seeing the right kind of doctor for your thyroid diagnosis and treatment?


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A Letter to Brooke Burke-Charvet And all Newly Diagnosed Thyroid Cancer Patients -- If you've just been diagnosed with thyroid cancer, read this letter to get up to speed on key things you need to know.

When Your Family Member or Friend Has Thyroid Disease: An Open Letter to the Family and Friends of Thyroid Patients -- If your friends, family and coworkers don't understand what it's like to have a thyroid problem and face thyroid cancer, give them a copy of this important letter to help them get a sense of what you're going through.


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Finding a Top Thyroid Surgeon -- Most thyroid cancer patients undergo thyroid surgery, known as thyroidectomy. It's not a very common surgery, so how do you find an experienced surgeon?

Thyroid Surgery and Thyroidectomy: An In-Depth Look -- What is involved in thyroid surgery? What can you expect?

Recuperating After Thyroid Surgery: What to Expect -- What will your recuperation be like after thyroid surgery?

Complications After Thyroid Surgery -- What sorts of complications might you face after thyroid surgery?


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Lobectomy Sufficient for Small Papillary Thyroid Cancers -- Experts agree that you may only need part of your thyroid removed if you have a small papillary thyroid cancer.

Drug Helps Radioactive Iodine-Resistant Thyroid Cancer -- If you have iodine-resistant thyroid cancer, learn about a drug that may be an effective treatment.

Thyroid Nodules and Thyroid Cancer in Pregnancy

If you are pregnant and your doctor finds thyroid nodules or cancer, what guidelines is your doctor likely to follow?


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Thyroid Cancer Patients Face Increased Risk of Second Cancer -- Research has shown that thyroid cancer patients face a significantly increased risk of developing a second primary cancer, and that risk is highest in the first year after thyroid cancer diagnosis

Wellness Tips from People With Thyroid Cancer -- Thyroid cancer patients have found a number of ways to cope with the ups and downs of life after thyroid cancer. Share your own stories here, and read the advice of other thyroid cancer patients who want to feel and live well.


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2014 Thyroid Cancer Survivors' Conference -- Each year, the Thyroid Cancer Survivors' Association (ThyCa) coordinates an international patient conference. Their 17th International conference will take place October 17-19, 2014 in Denver, Colorado. Learn more about the focus of the conference, and how you, your family, and caregivers can register and attend this important annual event.

Thyroid Cancer Patients: Why You Need to Own Your Cancer: An Interview with Peter Edelstein, MD  -- After years of experience partnering with cancer patients and their loved ones, passionate cancer patient advocate, physician and surgeon Dr. Peter Edelstein has determined that an important part of cancer treatment is for patients is to "stay in control of your cancer," and "own your cancer." This is the message of his 2014 book. Dr. Edelstein shares his thoughts about how cancer patients -- including those with thyroid cancer -- can be empowered.

Other Support Resources

For information exchange, and thyroid cancer support, here are a variety of resources.


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Is thyroid cancer really the "good cancer?". clipart.com

Is Thyroid Cancer Really the Good Cancer? -- One hot button issue is that comes up regularly all year round is the idea that thyroid cancer is "the good cancer." So what is all this "good cancer" business all about anyway?

Huffington Post Writer Says "Thyroid Cancer? Sign Me Up" -- A writer for the Huffington Post buys into the whole thyroid cancer is a "good cancer" fallacy.


Roger Ebert is one of the best known and admired thyroid patients in history. RogerEbert.com

Roger Ebert: A Thyroid Cancer Patient to Remember -- Film critic Roger Ebert didn't make thyroid advocacy his primary mission -- his love of films always had first place -- but his grace, courage, and willingness to share his own story -- and subsequent struggles -- have made him one of the most admired thyroid cancer patients in history.

A Tribute to Thyroid Cancer Advocate Ric Blake -- Ric Blake was a founder of the Thyroid Cancer Survivors' Association, and a beloved thyroid patient advocate. Read this tribute to a renowned member of the thyroid cancer community.


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