The Clitoris: What You Should Know

The Anatomy of the Clitoris

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Clitoris and Vagina Image. Image: ADAM

Definition: The clitoris is a bundle of nerves about the size of a pea located at the top of a woman's vulva, above the urethral opening.

The Clitoris

The clitoris is a small bundle of nerves, which makes it extremely sensitive to being touched for sexual stimulation.  It is responsible for feelings of sexual pleasure when stimulated, and, for many women, clitoral stimulation is how they are able to experience an orgasm.

In some women, the clitoris becomes slightly enlarged during sexual activity, and this already sensitive tissue comes even more reactive.

Some women are unable to experience an orgasm from penetration alone.  For those women, having the clitoris touched in a pleasurable manner may be the only way an orgasm is possible.  For women who can orgasm through penetration, stimulating the clitoris may improve the strength of their orgasm.  

Female Circumcision

Female circumcision, also known as female genital mutilation or FGM, removes the clitoris to prevent the woman from feeling sexual pleasure.  This type of mutilation is often done as a girl reaches puberty, and is believed to reduce the chances of a woman cheating on her partner as sex is no longer as pleasurable as it would be with an intact clitoris.  This practice has been outlawed in many places but still continues, typically in African countries.

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Also Known As: (slang) clit

Common Misspellings: clytoris, clitorus, clitoras, cliteris

Examples: The clitoris may play a more important role in orgasms during sexual intercourse than penetration.

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