What is a Funeral Memory Board?

Funeral Memory Board
A traditional funeral memory board features meaningful, memorable images of the deceased. Photo © Chris Raymond


A funeral memory board consists of a collection of photographs that depict a deceased individual and the memorable/significant moments in his or her life.

Increasingly common at funerals and memorial services -- particularly the latter since the body of the deceased is not present -- the deceased's immediate family member(s) and/or close friends generally select the images as part of the funeral or memorial service arrangement process in order to personalize it.

These photographs can depict anything that family/friends consider important in the life of the deceased, such as childhood and school images, graduations and vacations, formal sittings or candid shots, etc., in order to convey the memorable times he or she experienced.

Once selected, the photographs are affixed to a piece of poster board or a fabric-covered board, generally using some sort of non-permanent adhesive or thumbtacks, and displayed on an easel or wall. Often, families and/or funeral directors will place memory boards near a table in order to display other framed photos of the deceased and/or objects and memorabilia from his or her life, such as diplomas, trophies and awards, or items depicting the hobbies enjoyed by the deceased, such as golf clubs, bowling shoes, fishing tackle, etc.

In addition to tears, memory boards often tend to elicit smiles and even happy laughter as mourners gather 'round to remember and honor loved ones, leading to the sharing of personal stories and memories involving the deceased.

This provides great value to the bereaved, who generally appreciate the open use of their loved one's name in conversation, the overt affirmation that the deceased "mattered" to other family members, friends, coworkers, etc., and, on a basic level, receiving the gift of a few moments of happiness during this otherwise profoundly sad time.

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