Ways to Stay Healthy and Sexual During Pregnancy

What is a Healthy Pregnancy?

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Every expert and mother have his or her own idea of what a healthy pregnancy entails, making it impossible to pinpoint the perfect pregnancy.  What works for one pregnant lady may not work for another, and while one woman may be actively prepping for their belly to bulge, another woman may have no idea she’s having a baby until she skips a period, or three.  And when it comes to the latter, there’s no need to panic, even you're your baby is unplanned. However, as soon as you begin preparing for motherhood, it’s important to take care of yourself.  When you’re playing host to a guest who can’t afford to pay for their womb with a view, you want to make sure you give yourself and your fetus every opportunity to thrive that means taking your prenatal vitamins and making sure you keep your juices flowing. By doing the things that make you, and your seedling, feel as good as can be, you can stay on top of your belly bump. 

Exercise in Ways You See Fit

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Before pregnancy, I was at the gym every day spinning, weight lifting and doing cardio. loved working out.  I first noticed an unusual indication that I was pregnant when I couldn’t walk up a flight of stairs without running out of breath.  And because cardio made me breathless (and not in a good way), I had to change my exercise regime.  So, I did other things, like parking my car farther away from a store entrance or doing yoga.  When it came to having sex (which can be a form of physical exercise too), I used pillows and other accoutrements. Assess your risks and limitation (and talk to your doctor). And even if you can’t do anything on the days you feel nauseous, keeping yourself as active as your body allows lets you feel good in your body as it changes and grows.  

Listen to Your Body

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Our bodies are always speaking to us, but they speak even louder and clearer during pregnancy.  When it comes to foods to eat and things to do, the best advice is to tune in to what your body needs. You can listen to your inner self through meditation or journaling. You can decide to eat healthy things that give you energy and avoid the types of foods that make you lethargic, give you heartburn or create stress.  Of course, it’s also okay to feed your cravings for a chocolate malted or a bag full of jellybeans; It’s all about balance.  And if your food cravings happen to also be aphrodisiacs, all the better when it comes to keeping your sex drive healthy too. 

Ice the Vice

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We all love something, whether it’s chocolate, caffeine, alcohol or marijuana.  But when you learn that you are no longer living in a single occupancy residence, it’s time to stop thinking about you and start taking care of “us.”  You can go at it cold turkey or find a healthy support group.  Either way, having a healthy pregnancy means cutting back on those things we should be cutting back on anyway. And being healthy means that if we do it on occasion because research shows that it may be okay, we love ourselves for taking care of our own needs too. 

Enjoy the Loving Treatment

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Whether it’s getting the extra seat on the subway or parking in a special spot for expectant mothers only, enjoy this time in your life.  You are getting extra special treatment for being a baby-making oven and you and your body deserves it.  And in order to ensure that you are getting the love you want, surround yourself with family, a community either going through the same thing as you (meaning other expectant moms) or those who have the time and energy to support you.  Do acupuncture.  Ask for massages and extra foot rubs.  Have sex in positions that feel good for your growing body. When you can enjoy being treated like royalty because your body is in the throws of doing something it was made to do, let yourself be treated like a queen.  

Limit Negativity

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As the reigning queen of the planet Hypochondria, I can honestly say that while this shouldn’t have been easy for me, it actually was. Staying positive during pregnancy has its benefits. So, when people want to do and say things that bring you down, find a way to disconnect. Whether it’s letting them know that part of your self-care is to limit negativity for a while, exercising, thinking happy thoughts or turning to your support network, whatever works best for you is best practice. 

Have Sex When and If It Feels Good

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There’s a lot of pressure to have sex during pregnancy — and sex during pregnancy can feel great. Besides the fact that your body is changing and the sensations you experience may change too (and you may have heightened sensations), you can’t accidentally get pregnant again.  Of course, anxiety over poking the fetus during doggie may still be there, or the changes in your body (including how you taste or smell) is real for some women, so follow your feelings and do what feels good, when it feels good. 

Don't Over Read the Internet

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It’s a little weird to say this when you’re reading ways to have a healthy pregnancy, but it’s true.  Don’t over-read about every ache, pain and problem.  Try time-limited obsessing and then, call your doctor if you’re still concerned with whatever it is that has you searching online.  If it’s a bad dream or an emotional breakdown, just remember, these things are totally normal during pregnancy.

So every time some unhealthy thought overtakes your mind, remind yourself that you care a lot. You will be a great parent, so enjoy the pregnancy.  


Jamye Waxman, MEd is a sex and relationship writer, aspiring therapist and mother. Her books include "How to Break Up With Anyone," "Getting Off: A Woman's Guide to Masturbation," and "Hot Sex." 

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