What is a Training Bra?

What tweens should know about their first training bra

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Definition: A training bra is a bra intended for girls who are just beginning to experience breast development. When girls develop breast buds, they usually require a small, lightly padded bra. A training bra helps protect the nipple from chafing against clothes. A training bra also helps give the girls a flattering shape.

A training bra is necessary when a girl begins to develop, as girls may be teased about their changing bodies.

They are also a good choice for girls who haven't yet developed, but want to wear a bra to be like their friends.

A training bra does not train the breasts, rather it helps girls adjust to wearing a bra and it provides a small amount of shaping and protection. Most training bras are flat, but some have a slightly padded cup.

A training bra is only appropriate for girls who have just begun to develop, or have very small breasts.

Where can I find a Training Bra?

Department stores stock training bras, as do big box retailers such as Target and WalMart. You can also find an impressive training bra selection at stores that stock tween girls clothing.

Today, tweens can choose a training bra that suits their style, as training bras come in a variety of colors, and designs.

More About Bras

Girls whose breasts have developed beyond the training bra stage should consider other types of bras, such as soft cup bras or underwire bras.

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