What is an early pregnancy test?

Positive Pregnancy Test and Monthly Calendar
An early pregnancy test is very accurate if positive. Photo © Dreamstime

Question: What is an early pregnancy test?

Answer: An early pregnancy test is a form of home pregnancy test that is typically used prior to missing your period. These pregnancy tests tend to measure very small amounts of hCG, the pregnancy hormone, in your urine. A positive pregnancy test means that hCG has been detected in your urine, the most likely cause of which is pregnancy. This means that a positive pregnancy test can be assumed to be accurate.

One downfall to the early pregnancy test is that if you have a negative, you may still be pregnant. This happens because the amount of hCG in your urine is simply not high enough to register as a positive. Or your pregnancy test could really be negative. If you have a negative result on an early pregnancy test, you should repeat the test after you have missed your period, counting your normal cycle length from the last menstrual period.

You can buy an early pregnancy test at most stores that sell pregnancy tests. You can also find them online with other pregnancy tests.

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