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Definition: Enrichment refers to lessons that children get beyond what is offered in the regular curriculum. These lessons would include what are considered extracurricular activities, which are activities that take place when school is not in session. Such lessons and activities enhance the learning that children do as part of their class lessons provided during school hours. Enrichment, therefore, can be provided for all children.

Enrichment for gifted children means something more. While it does refer to enhancing what gifted children learn during regular lessons, it also means that gifted children have a chance to delve more deeply into subjects than is possible to do otherwise. Once gifted children master material presented in lessons, they can engage in further study, additional activities, or both in order to learn more about a subject. For example, in a unit about dinosaurs, if a child has mastered the information that the teacher had planned for the unit, he would have the option of learning more about other dinosaurs or more about their environment. They might even explore the evolution of dinosaurs.

Enrichment opportunities not only allow gifted children to study topics in more depth, it also prevents any need to grade skip children.

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