What is Kidney Yang Deficiency in TCM?

Question: What does kidney yang deficiency mean?

My traditional Chinese medical practitioner said that I have kidney yang deficiency. How do people get this imbalance? What does it mean? - Vickie


In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), some of the symptoms of kidney yang deficiency are frequent urination, difficulty urinating, and edema, symptoms that require medical attention.

Your family doctor should be informed of any symptoms you're experiencing.

If you haven't consulted him or her, that should be the first step, because alternative therapies should not replace conventional care.

Not everyone with kidney yang deficiency experiences these symptoms. In TCM, the kidneys have a broader role than the kidneys in Western physiology.

They are also involved in adrenal function, which is why some of the symptoms of kidney yang deficiency are cold limbs, lack of energy, and sexual dysfunction. Temperature, energy, and sexual function are regulated in part by the adrenal hormones.

It's important to consult your physician if you have any health concerns. Self-treating a health condition and avoiding or delaying standard care may have serious consequences.


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