What is the Best Hepatitis Drug?

Introduction to Selection of Hepatitis Medications

Hepatitis is a type of disease in the liver.  There are several factors that can trigger a person to have this disease. Hepatitis is caused by inflammation in the liver. A person with hepatitis may experience malaise, poor appetite, and yellowing of mucus membranes and skin.

Introduction to Selection of Hepatitis Medications

Luckily, medical professionals discovered medications and drugs that can treat and prevent the spread of infected inflammatory cells in the liver.

Hepatitis medications and drugs were formulated to cure Hepatitis and prevent the spread inflammation in the human body. Patients with signs and symptoms of Hepatitis are recommended to take diagnostic tests. Moreover, a patient diagnosed with hepatitis needs to take medications prescribed from their doctors.

Diagnostics and assessment of a patient’s overall condition is very important so that doctors are able to elect the best hepatitis treatment for the patient. Doctors need to know all about your hepatitis condition to prescribe suitable and appropriate treatment and medications.

Hepatitis drugs and medications that a patient will take may vary in accordance to the condition and type of hepatitis. In order to find the best hepatitis drug, doctors need to take careful consideration. One important thing that your doctor needs to consider is the variety of hepatitis you have. Medications and drugs for hepatitis A, B and C may be different from one another.

Various treatment approaches also differ, which is why doctors need to examine your condition carefully to acquire certainty in the final treatment plan.

There are several hepatitis drugs that you can take with the permission of your doctor. Determining medications and drugs that you’ll consume may vary in accordance to your latest diagnosis.

The changes in conditions make it difficult to identify the best hepatitis drug you can take. Suitability and efficiency of hepatitis drugs depend on your body’s reaction.

Common Hepatitis Drugs Available Today

Medical experts are continually conducting research in order to discover efficient and safe Hepatitis drugs. To give insights about common Hepatitis drugs today, a list of usual Hepatitis drugs which are available today are listed below:

  1. Interferon: this is a powerful antiviral agent that patients with chronic hepatitis B and hepatitis C can take. It is also a common antiviral hepatitis remedy that doctors usually recommend to their patients with hepatitis Type B and C. It can bolster the capacity of the immune system of patients.
  2. Ribavirin: This is a hepatitis drug prescribed for patients with hepatitis Type C. Patients are recommended to take ribavirin twice a day with a full stomach. It is not recommended to take Ribavirin with an empty stomach because it can cause damage to the digestive system of the person.  Intake of this hepatitis drug will usually last for about 24 weeks to 48 weeks in accordance with the manner that patient’s body reacts to the hepatitis treatment. Cough, dry mouth, loss of appetite and heartburn are common side effects of taking this drug.
  1. Telbivudine: This is also a hepatitis drug which doctors usually prescribe to patients with hepatitis B. Patients can take this hepatitis medicine with a full or empty stomach. Back pain, diarrhea and rashes are common side effects of taking this hepatitis drug.
  2. Lamivudine: This is considered one of oldest yet effective hepatitis drugs people suffering from hepatitis can ingest. It is very effective. Adult patients diagnosed with hepatitis B can take lamivudine with 100 MG every day. Children with hepatitis B can also take lamivudine with a recommended prescription from their doctor. This hepatitis drug comes with possible side effects such as lactic acidosis, fatigue, headache, dizziness and nausea. These are typical manifestations that patients who use lamivudine may experience.
  3. Entercavir: It is the latest hepatitis drug that patients with hepatitis B can relate to.  It is also a common hepatitis drug that doctors usually put in a good word for to their patients. It is considered better than lamivudine. Patients are recommended to take entacavir with an empty stomach once a day. People taking this Hepatitis drug may experience mild or severe headache.

The Wrap-Up

The listed hepatitis drugs above are the common ones doctors usually prescribe to their patients. Choosing a superlative hepatitis pill requires comprehensive diagnostics of patients’ conditions. Doctors need to consider some factors before prescribing a hepatitis drug to a specific patient. Furthermore, the development and structure of hepatitis are unalike, so doctors need to examine carefully the condition of the person before leaning towards a certain hepatitis medication.

Aside from suitability of a hepatitis drug to the patient, patients and doctors must also take into account the proper medication and drug dosage the patient will take. Individuals with hepatitis must follow the prescription provided by doctors to avoid the possible risk of hepatitis drug overdose.

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