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What is Whole Body Vibration Training?

VibePlate Whole Body Vibration Training Squat

Vibration Plates, such as the VibePlate, are becoming increasingly popular in gyms around the nation. Widely used by professional sports teams and even tested by NASA, the idea behind vibration plates is that you can manipulate, tone and define muscles faster or more efficiently by using vibration while performing exercises. Billy Polson, owner of top training facility, DIAKADI, shares the benefits of Whole Body Vibration Training (WBVT) using one of the leading exercise tools used by his team of top trainers at DIAKADI – the VibePlate.

What is the VibePlate?

The VibePlate is a functional and durable whole body vibration platform. The VibePlate is one of the few vibration platforms that gives off only vertical vibrations, which is preferred by medical professionals and fitness trainers. There is no wobble or side-to-side movement.

Scientists and trainers have been working to find a way to perfect whole-body vibration and there has seemed to be a range of different benefits to this workout method that can be prescribed to a wide spectrum of people. These include:

  • Improvements in muscle recovery and flexibility
  • Increases in bone density
  • Greater stability in one’s balance

Depending on the exact programming, people who use WBVT equipment can expect overall improvements in power, strength, circulation and flexibility.

How it works

While working on a WBVT machine such as the VibePlate, the equipment will transmit vibrations to the body measured in hertz (Hz), or vibrations per second. Basically, if the machine is set to 10 Hz, the body will receive 10 vibrations per second. So if an individual is doing a strength exercise, such as a squat, in an attempt to effectively stabilize the joints atop the vibrating surface, the entire set of muscles will contract more than if the movement were done on a regular surface.

How to use it

One of the best ways to use WBVT equipment is to warm up your upper body and/or lower body muscles before a workout. Since the vibrations are working out muscles at a rate that is impossible to achieve naturally, vibration equipment allows for a fast, efficient warm up to loosen up tight muscles or fire up dormant muscles.

Great WBVT exercises on The VibePlate include static stretches, myofascial rolling, push-ups, or body squats (single or double leg). The frequency of the VibePlate should be moderate range (20-30 Hz) for stability work (single leg squats or planks) and higher ranges (50-60 Hz) for myofascial work and stretching. The amount of time spent on the VibePlate can range from 30 seconds to 3 minutes, depending on the exercise being performed.

Click through the slideshow for a few examples of effective stretches, myofascial release techniques, and dynamic warm-up exercises. Included is the suggested range of vibration frequencies that you should use while performing these examples.

Standing Calf Stretch on a Whole Body Vibration Trainer

Standing Calf Stretch

  • Medium-high frequency (50-60 Hz)
  • Duration of 30-60 seconds per leg

Hip Roll Out on a Whole Body Vibration Trainer

Hip Roll Out

  • Medium-high frequency (50-60 Hz)
  • Duration of 60 seconds per hip

Body Squat on a Whole Body Vibration Trainer

Body Squat

  • Low-medium frequency (20-40 Hz)
  • No more than 30 seconds at a time.


Exercises in Action on Whole Body Vibration Trainer

Whether you’re looking for a way to add variability to your warm-up routine, or you’re having trouble stimulating certain hard-to-reach muscles, vibration training can and should be utilized. It’s a wonderful tool for those who may be restricted by time, and can allow you to get more done in your workout that you normally would.

About Billy Polson, CSCS:

Billy Polson is a fitness performance coach, training expert, and the founder of San Francisco's largest personal training-only facility, DIAKADI. Billy was named by Men's Fitness as one of the Top 100 Trainers in America, and has over 20 years of experience working as a coach and nationally certified trainer. Founded in 2004, DIAKADI has been named the Top Trainers and/or Gym in San Francisco for 11 years running by providing the best training and assessments for everyone from Ironman triathletes to the average person looking to step up their fitness levels.

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