Twin Pregnancy FAQ: What Kind of Doctor Do I Need for a Twin Pregnancy?

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Question: What Kind of Doctor Do I Need for a Twin Pregnancy?


A twin or multiple pregnancy requires more careful medical supervision than a singleton pregnancy, so choosing the right doctor is an important decision. There are different types of doctors who can provide care during a twin pregnancy.

Family Practitioner

A family practitioner is a physician with a general health care practice, which can include pregnancy and delivery. You may already have a relation with a family practitioner for routine health care. While many family practitioners are equipped to provide prenatal care during pregnancy, the risks associated with a twin or multiple pregnancy may require more specialized care.

Midwife or Nurse-Midwife

Historically, midwives were women who assisted other women in the process of giving birth. In modern times, they are a popular option for women who seek a more natural approach to prenatal care and childbirth. A certified nurse-midwife has completed more extensive training and is licensed to practice midwifery. Although midwives are generally only equipped to care for low risk pregnancies, they may be able to provide care for a twin pregnancy in conjunction with a physician's services.


The most common caregiver for pregnancy is an obstetrician, a physician who specializes in the care of women during pregnancy and birth. Despite their specialization, not all obstetricians treat high-risk pregnancies.


Within the field of obstetrics, some are designated as maternal-fetal specialists; this designation indicates a physician best equipped to handle the risks and complications associated with multiple pregnancy.

Also known as a perinatologist, they are doctors specifically qualified to diagnose and treat medical conditions that threaten the health of mother and babies during pregnancy. Because they deal with high-risk situations, they often have great experience with the particular issues of multiple birth. However, as twins become more common, not every twin pregnancy requires this level of specialized care.

How to Decide

Your choice of medical caregiver may be dependent on many factors. Some communities offer twin clinics, centers that specialize in multiple pregnancy and birth. In other communities, specialty care may be more limited. Your choices may be dictated by your insurance coverage or by hospital affiliation. You may prefer a physican with whom you already have a relationship, such as a doctor who delivered your other children. For some women, the circumstances of their pregnancy may dictate their care; mothers with a routine, uncomplicated experience may have the option of working with a midwife while others who encounter complications will require the care of a specialist.

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