What Sex Positions Should You Use to Get Pregnant?

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There really aren't any particular positions that you need to use to get pregnant. Any position that gets the semen close to the cervix is good for getting pregnant.

Positions to get pregnant may include:

  • Man on top, woman on bottom position (aka "Missionary Position")
  • Woman on top, man on bottom position
  • Side-by-side position
  • "Doggy style,"or rear-entry position
  • Edge of the bed position
  • Right angle sex position

    Some people think that the best position to get pregnant is the missionary position, or the man on top position. Currently, little research has been done on which positions, if any, are best for getting pregnant.

    However, some research on IUI treatment has found that remaining horizontal just after the insemination may boost pregnancy rates. What this may mean regarding sexual position and getting pregnant isn't clear.

    When Position May Matter

    While the actual position may not matter, how that position makes you feel might.

    For example, longer foreplay and a higher level of sexual arousal before ejaculation has been shown to boost sperm counts in some research studies. If a particular position is more of a turn-on, that may boost fertility. By how much isn't known, however.

    But arousal isn't only about the man. Female orgasm that occurs just before, during, or sometime after the male partner ejaculates has been shown in some studies to boost pregnancy rates.

    So positions that allow extra female simulation may be good for getting pregnant.

    Then of course there is the problem of sex feeling like a chore when you've been trying to conceive for awhile. If changing up positions brings renewed excitement to your sex life, it's worth it.

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