What To Do If Your Diet Didn't Work

Evaluate your weight loss plan and make changes to see the results you deserve

Changing your body is about more than the number on the scale. Quiet Noise Creative/digital vision/Getty Images

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Congratulations! You've made it to the last week of the program. Give yourself credit for making it this far, no matter what scale says. But, of course, since weight loss was your goal, that number on the scale matters.

How Do I Know If My Diet Worked?

If you lost the weight that you wanted to lose, that's great! You should move into the weight maintenance phase to keep the weight off for good.

This doesn't mean that you go back to your old eating habits. Instead, use a transitional phase to adjust to a new lifestyle and keep the new body that you've just earned.

But if you feel like your diet didn't work, don't worry.  There may be a few reasons that you didn't reach the number on the scale that you wanted to reach.  For example, it's possible that you changed your body composition. If you gained muscle while losing fat, you may see a slight increase in your weight or no weight loss at all. Do your clothes fit better? Is your body tighter? Is it easier to get through the day with more energy? Those are all clues that your body changed in positive ways.

If you still feel like your diet didn't work and your body didn't change at all, there is probably another reason why.  Keep in mind that you if you put in a good effort, then you didn't fail. Your weight loss program let you down.

  Move forward using one of the following strategies.

5 Things to Do If Your Diet Didn't Work

  1. Find out why your diet failed.  The reason that your weight loss program didn't deliver the results that you want will probably fall into one of two categories.  Check these two lists to make sure you didn't fall victim to one of the most common causes.
  1. Bust through a diet plateau. If your weight loss stalled midway through the program, you may have hit a weight loss plateau. Use these ten quick fixes and bust through your slump to lose more weight and reach your goal.
  2. Address weight loss barriers. If you found yourself struggling through the entire program, there may be a barrier standing in the way of your success. Find out what it is so that you can make changes and reach your goal.
  3. Get diet support. Did you get the social support that you needed to reach your diet and exercise goals? Now is the time to talk to the people close to you to get the help you need to slim down or just keep the weight off for good.
  4. Set a new goal. Regardless of whether you reached your initial goal or not, it's time to set a new goal. Try a new exercise program, learn new cooking techniques, commit to losing more weight or inspire others to do the same.

Again, regardless of the outcome, give yourself credit for completing each phase of the program.

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