What to Eat When You're Trying to Lose Weight

Do you know what to eat when you're trying to lose weight? Many dieters eat "healthy" foods. That's not a bad thing. But many times, foods that have healthy ingredients are full of fat and calories, so they are not necessarily good foods for weight loss.  Use this guide to find out which foods to eat and which ones to avoid when you're serious about losing weight.

The Best (Cheap and Easy) Foods for Weight Loss

best groceries for weight loss
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Smart dieters have a secret. They don't eat all of those trendy foods that you hear celebrities talk about. They eat real food. They eat normal food that you can easily find in your grocery store. Check this list - or take it with you to the grocery store - and fill your cart with foods that will help you slim down faster.

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15 Natural Foods To Curb Your Hunger

grains for weight loss
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Do you want to lose weight without getting hungry all the time? You'll be able to manage cravings better if you eat foods with more fiber.  Use this list to find the best low calorie foods that will help keep your hunger at bay.

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14 Must-Have Convenience Foods for Weight Loss

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Nutritious foods are always the best choice when you're trying to slim down. But sometimes you want more than fresh fruits and veggies. Check this list for the best convenient, packaged foods that will help you slim down.

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The Best Low-Calorie Fast Food Meals

Low Calorie Subway sandwiches
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You might be surprised to see which fast food meals are low in calories and which are not. Before you hit the drive through, make sure you check this guide to see complete meals to eat and meals to avoid at all of your favorite restaurants.

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The Best Snack Bars to Lose Weight

snack bars for dieters
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Don't grab the wrong snack bar! Some of those "healthy" bars have more calories than a candy bar. Scan this list of good and bad bars for weight loss before you unwrap your next snack.

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Healthy Snacks for Weight Loss

100 calorie snack packs
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It's not what you eat at meal time that usually makes or breaks your diet. It's what you eat between meals that matters. Eat healthy - but diet friendly snacks - if you are really serious about slimming down.

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Top 6 Diet-Boosting Foods

Oatmeal with berries
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I asked a top New York City dietitian about the absolute best foods for weight loss and she gave me six foods that will boost your diet. Want to know what they are?

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Quick and Easy Foods to Make in Your Blender

Use Your Blender to Lose Weight
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If you're only using your blender for smoothies and juice, then you're missing out. Find out how to make snacks, meals and even dessert in your blender in just minutes.

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How to Choose Foods That Burn More Calories

woman eating chicken leg
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Does eating meat make you skinnier? Some say that it does. And there's some truth to that logic, but there's more to the story that you need know. Get the facts so you can choose better foods for weight loss.

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Metabolism Boosting Foods: Do They Work?

hot peppers for weight loss
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You've seen the ads for metabolism boosting foods. But do they really make a difference to your metabolism that will help you lose weight?

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