What To Expect After Labiaplasty: Week 2

So, you’ve made it through week one after your labiaplasty! Now what?

Day 8

Yes, you will still have swelling. This is absolutely normal. Your labia will still NOT look normal. Tenderness may still be present. You should no longer require narcotic pain medication if you were on it during the first week. The stitches will still be present if you had stitches placed on the outside of the incision. Urination should no longer be painful.

You will still want to maintain pristine hygiene of the area to avoid infection.

Day 9

By now, the friction from your underwear and even from just the movement of walking should no longer cause discomfort. Swelling is improving but it is still present. The labia will feel firm, even with improvement of the swelling. You may still be able to feel any external stitches.

Some surgeons will have you start applying antibiotic ointment to the area.

Friction from your underwear and even from just the movement of walking may cause moderate to severe discomfort. It is for this reason you may want to take some time off from work.

Day 10-11

Do not expect normal. You will still have swelling. You may still not be wearing any tight clothing/underwear if you’re sensitive to the pressure. Ointments and pain medication should be used as directed by your surgeon. Continue cleansing the area after using the restroom.

Day 12-14

The swelling should be significantly improved, but not quiet at your baseline. Soreness with pressure is normal. If you had any delayed wound healing (any opening of the incision) you may be directed by your surgeon to apply antibiotic ointment. If this has happened, you will want to continue cleansing the area after using the restroom.

Some itching around the stiches is normal. You will likely have a postoperative appointment around this time.

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