What To Expect After Labiaplasty: Week 4 and Beyond

It is the start of week four after your labiaplasty procedure was performed. Things are hopefully going smoothly for you. Your trimmed labia minora and the enveloping labia majora are almost back to baseline in size. Your pain is virtually non-existent. Your incisions are well-healed and normal activities are just around the corner, so hang in there.

Days 22-24

Things should start to feel more normal down there.

The swelling of your labia minora and labia majora should nearly be resolved. Both your inner and outer labia should be close to normal in appearance. Your labial stitches should have mostly dissolved by now. Your incisions are now healed enough that you can now submerge yourself in water. Swimming and bathing are now allowed, but check with your surgeon first. Tenderness in the area of the incisions may still be present with any pressure. You should continue with your daily walking.

Days 25-26

The swelling of both your inner and outer labia should now be even more decreased. The inner and outer labia should now be normal in appearance. The incisions on your labia will feel less firm. Your labial incisions may feel bumpy and raised. This is normal as your incisions are still healing. More of the stitches on the labia should be dissolved. Continue with your daily cleansing with soap and water.

Your daily walks should continue. You may be ready for other forms of exercise such as the elliptical if the rubbing and friction does not bother you and you have been released to do so by your surgeon.

Days 27-28

You are now at the end of week four. Your inner and outer labia should be back to baseline in terms of swelling.

Your stitches should basically be totally gone. Dissolvable stitches are used so you do not need to have them removed. Keep up with your exercise. Exercises that put pressure on the labia, such as biking or spin (stationary cycling), rowing, etc. may still not be comfortable due to tenderness.

Week 4 and Beyond

Four weeks down!! You are nearly at the end of the road of recovery. The worst of your recovery is over. Things should be pretty much back to normal. What can you expect in the end? You can expect an improved contour with decreased excess tissue in the area of the labia. Your scar is located along the labia minora on the right or left side or both sides. Your scars will be reddened or darkened depending on your skin pigmentation for three months. After that, they will gradually fade and the healing ridge of the incision will soften.

If at any point in your recovery you have unbearable pain, increased swelling or bruising, redness along the incision line or on your labia, foul odor, pus, excessive drainage, yellowish or greenish drainage, uncontrollable bleeding from the incision line, fever, or any other concern, you should call your surgeon.

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