What to Pack for Yoga Festivals

Are you heading out to one of the many yoga festivals on the calendar this summer? If you’re a first timer, you might be wondering what to pack. We asked a few old hands for their recommendations to help you have the best festival experience. Here’s are our top picks.


Yoga Festival Clothing
Yoga Festival Clothing. Kolett/Moment Open/Getty Images

Pack your favorite quick-dry yoga wear, plus a few other casual options for evenings (pair of jeans, easy dress). Depending on the schedule and where you are staying, you may welcome the chance to change out of yoga pants for a few hours. A swimsuit is never a bad idea for summer travel, especially if SUP Yoga is on the agenda.


For the festival, you’ll probably want a shoe that’s a little more substantial than a flip flop since you’ll be on your feet a lot and walking between classes on natural terrain (depending on the festival locale). A lightweight sneaker or sturdy sandal is ideal. 

Yoga Mat

You will definitely need to BYOM (Bring Your Own Mat). Consider a lightweight mat. Your Manduka PRO (or equivalent) is great for your home or studio practice, but do you really want to carry it around a mountain all day? It will get heavy! A mat strap will help you wrangle it if it doesn’t fit in your bag. 

Compare Mat Weights!


A small backpack for your daily needs. One that accommodates your yoga mat is one option, or maybe a Camelback so you don’t have to carry an additional water bottle. Pick one that will accommodate all the items listed below in an organized fashion.

Festival Backpack Pick!


Most festivals have water stations, but you’re going to want to have your own container that you can refill throughout the day. Electrolyte tablets to add to your water will help prevent dehydration and keep you going through multiple yoga classes on a hot day. 


When you have a full day of yoga planned, it’s tough to find time for a square meal but you do need to keep your body fueled up. Lots of little healthy snacks between classes are the way to go. Nuts, fruit, and protein bars are easy to pack and give good nutritional value. Avoid bars and trail mixes with chocolate because they will become a melty mess. 

Sun Protection

Remember to pack sunscreen (SPF30+) in your daypack so you can continue to apply it throughout the day. A hat and sunglasses are also good ideas, as is lip balm with SPF. A sun protective shirt to wear between classes is another option. 

Outerwear Layers

A lightweight scarf or wrap sweater is an essential as the evenings get chilly in the mountains and the desert. If you have room, bring along a long sleeved shirt, thin sweatshirt, or rain poncho/anorak, depending on the weather. 


Hand towel if you tend to get sweaty. Yoga mat towel only if you absolutely can't do without it.  Little notebook and pen for jotting down notes during classes. Phone (on silent). Bug spray if you’ll be taking outdoor classes. Selfie stick (just kidding). 

For the Night

Phone charger, earplugs in case of noisy neighbors, eye mask in case the room is too bright. Headphones if you need to like listen to music or podcasts (or yoga nidra) to wind down. All the usual toiletries. 

Bon Voyage!

Pick and choose from the above list for what makes sense for the specific place you are heading and type of classes you'll be doing. We hope that we've saved you from forgetting something that will help make your festival experience great.