What You Can Expect Your Child to Learn in Grade School

From kindergarten to 5th grade, what your grade-school age child will learn

Grade school is an action-packed time, full of learning and development. In the elementary school years, your grade school age child will learn to read, and transition to reading to learn. He will mature emotionally and physically as he grows more independent and reaches toward adolescence. From kindergarten to 5th grade, here is a grade-by-grade overview of what you can expect your child to learn in grade school.


Teacher Telling A Story to children.
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Kindergarten curriculums today are less about play and more about academic achievement. Here's an overview of what you might expect from your child's kindergarten lesson plans this school year.



first grade class students raising hands smiling
What can you expect your child to learn in first grade? Here's an overview. Christopher Futcher/Getty Images

Your first grader is becoming more sure of herself and her surroundings. Here's an overview of what you can expect as your child navigates her way through first grade.



second grade - girl in classroom smiling
Second grade students are familiar with the routine of schoolwork. Salina Images/Getty Images

Second graders are seasoned pros when it comes to knowing how school works. Here is some of what you can expect to see in your child in the second grade school year.



third grade class
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Having mastered reading, writing and math, third graders are on an adventure of discovery. Find out what you can expect from third grade reading, math, science and other third grade activities and subjects.



fourth grade classroom
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Fourth graders use the skills they've learned in previous grades to find out more about their world. Fourth grade math, reading, and other subjects will be tackled with reference books and internet searches. Learn what else you can expect from fourth grade.



fifth grade class - computer lab
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Your 5th grader is about to make the big leap into middle school. As 5th grade science, math, and other subjects become more challenging -- and your increasingly social 5th grader has more demands on her time -- she will need to learn how to balance and organize her time and responsibilities.


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