What You Can Learn from a Middle School Website

A school website can give you a lot of information

The school website is a parent's best friend.
Consult the school website for event, grade, and school information.. Photo: Junior Gomes, freeimages.com

If your child is going to middle school you'll have to stay on top of school activities, know the school calendar in advance, and stay in touch with school staff and resources. The middle school website could be your best source of information these next few years. Here's what a typical middle school website should share with parents and students.

The Middle School Website -- A Parent's Best Resource


Your Tween's Grades: Your child may not be bringing home all of his tests, quizzes and papers anymore, which means you'll have to work a little harder to know how he's doing. The school website should include a portal for you and your student to find your child's grades to date. Be sure you know how to login, as well as when grades are updated. A periodic check-in might be all you need to stay on top of your child's progress.

School Staff: Most school websites will include the names and contact information for your child's teachers as well as for administration, and the guidance department. The site might also include the best times to call or reach out to staff members. In addition to school staff information, most sites will also provide links or information for your city or county's school transportation department, the office of the school superintendent and possibly even school board members contact information.


The School Calendar: The school calendar can also be found on the school website, as well as the county or city school calendar. Consulting with the calendar will help you plan for child care or transportation on days when your child is off from school, or when the students are dismissed early. Athletic information, as well as information about concerts, test dates, and possibly even field trip information will also likely be found on the site.


The Grading Scale: The grading scale will be posted on your student's school website, and you might even find criteria for how quizzes, tests, and projects are weighted. Understanding the grading scale will help you understand your child's progress and how you can support your student. You might also find practical information, such as how to challenge a grade, or how to request a meeting with your child's teacher to discuss a problem.

Weather Updates: The school website will also provide updated information on school closings due to weather, power outages or other unplanned events. Be sure you check the site frequently if you think a closing or a delay is likely, such as in the case of a snow storm, flooding, etc. 

The School Handbook: Many school districts will post important guides, such as school rules, or even the entire school handbook, online. Posting handbooks and other documentation can help save on printing and copying expenses, and allows parents to access necessary information at the click of a mouse.

The school website might also include information on the school dress code, and appropriate student behavior. 

The Cafeteria Menu: You can make lunch planning easier if you know what's on the menu. Consult the school website for a weekly or monthly posting of lunch cafeteria items. Lunch prices will also likely be found on the site. 


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