What's a Snot Rocket?

A snot rocket is what some runners will do if they need to really blow their nose during a run and they don't have a tissue, handkerchief, or shirt sleeve available. Like spitting during a run, a snot rocket is one of those runners' behaviors that -- while disgusting -- are sometimes necessary.

To perform a snot rocket, you place your index finger at the side of your nose, so that you block the nostril that does not need to be cleared.

Then you blow your nose, as if a tissue were right underneath the nostril (although it's not) and discharge the mucus from your nose. If both nostrils need to be cleared, you follow the same steps on the other side.

Some runners will do snot rockets only once they've stopped and pulled over to the side during their run. Other runners don't let a snot rocket slow them down. Once they look behind them to make sure they're clear, they'll fire away, without missing a step. If you just can't see yourself performing a snot rocket, make sure you carry some tissues in your pocket or running belt so you're prepared.

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