What's Your Yoga Type?

Tara Moore/Stone/Getty Images

You know you want to try a new yoga class, but what kind? There are so many yoga styles to choose from these days, and although most are based on doing basically the same yoga poses, their approaches differ widely. Your personality, likes and dislikes, and even your physical abilities and needs can help you identify the right style for you, so you don’t get turned off by a class that doesn’t suit you.

Free Spirit

You like eclectic experiences, a little different each time.

Gym Rat

You want your yoga class fast and sweaty, like a great workout.


You bend like a pretzel.


You have an injury or condition that requires special attention.


You want to do some stretching, take it slow.


The more precise the instruction, the better.


Just teach me the moves and show me to the mat.


Chanting is your thing.

Some Like It Hot

You like to get your sweat on in a heated room.

Spiritual Seeker

You like to move, but also hear uplifting teachings and get in touch with your spiritual side.


If it wasn't founded an Indian guru, you want no part.

Type A

You like to know what to expect and exactly how long it will take.

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