Wheat-Free, Gluten-Free Recipes for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Learn How To Use Gluten-Free Ingredients To Make Delicious Meals

Gluten free blueberry panacake
Image provided by Teri Lee Gruss

Cooking without wheat and gluten sometimes involves learning to use new grains and flour mixes, but it's not difficult. And, gluten-free food is delicious, too!

This collection of wheat-free, gluten-free recipes includes dishes that use quinoa, millet, rice, and corn instead of wheat. I've included recipes for every meal, plus some fun gluten-free snacks (allergen-free caramel popcorn, anyone?). Many of these recipes are dairy-free, as well.


Breakfast Recipes:

Main Dish (Lunch and Dinner) Recipes:

  • Tacos with Allergen-Free Seasoning: Adapt this taco seasoning to work with your favorite filling and to meet all your allergy needs.
  • Wheat-Free Fried Chicken: This recipe is wheat-free but also either egg-free or dairy-free (not both), as it works well with either buttermilk or beaten eggs to coat the chicken.

Side Dish Recipes:

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