When to Make Your Pregnancy Announcement

Couple discovering pregnancy.
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Finding out you are pregnant probably sends a flurry of emotions through your body. You might expect to feel nervous, excited, surprised, scared, delighted and many more emotions. After the bottom of your stomach drops out when the pregnancy test turns positive, you may be excited about spreading the news that you are expecting a baby.

Probably the second person to know that you're expecting will be your husband or partner.

There are many creative ways to make a pregnancy announcement to your honey. Finding a way to tell him in an unexpected manner can be fun. Or perhaps he was the one holding your hand while the pregnancy test ran.

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Those are the easy decisions. The next group of people you may tell will be your family or close friends. From that group you move on to acquaintances and finally you tell anyone who will listen. While this is typically the order in which most families share the news of their pregnancy, you may wonder if you need to put some time between getting the big news and sharing it.

When to tell others is a hotly debated topic. Sharing the joyous news of your pregnancy is a very personal decision. Some choose to share the good news early and often. They will tell anyone who will listen. Before the pregnancy test stick has dried they are on the phone calling their friends and family.

The other extreme is to tell no one. This group may also wait to tell until they have reached a predetermined point in their pregnancy. Then they may tell only on a need to know basis, often waiting until their expanding abdomen shouts the news for them.

Both sides of this coin have a point. Here is a break down of some of the issues on each side:

Advantages to Telling Early

  • Lots of support early in pregnancy
  • Able to share your good news and excitement
  • Earlier offers of physical help
  • More advice from others about practitioners
  • Help with early decisions
  • If you miscarry, you will have support from everyone

Disadvantages to Telling Early

  • Too much advice
  • Good news travels fast, you may not be the first to tell someone
  • If you miscarry everyone knew you were pregnant

Advantages to Waiting to Tell

Disadvantages to Waiting to Tell

  • No help/support from others
  • If you miscarry everyone wonders why you are sad, and you have to backtrack your explanation

As you can see there is not a clear-cut answer. You might choose to tell early, knowing that if you had a pregnancy loss that you would need the loving support of family or friends in the grieving process. You may wish to wait until the risk of miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy has past before sharing the news of your pregnancy.

There is not one right answer. What works for your family is the right way for you to share the good news.

You might try a test announcement with a few people. See how it goes. You may then decide to continue sharing your news or wait a bit. Sometimes you may even just tweak what you're saying or doing as a part of the announcement.

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