When Your Tween Loses Interest in School

If your tween is losing interest in school, this could be the reason why

Bullying and other peer problems could by why your tween has lost interest in school.
If your tween loses interest in school you'll need to take action and get to the root of the problem.

 The middle school years can be years of exciting change for your family and your tween. But sometimes middle school also brings about events or circumstances that interfere with your child's studies and school experience. If your tween is suddenly struggling at school, or seems to have lost interest in his studies, you'll have to take quick action to find out why. Below are a few reasons why you're tween has lost interest in school.


Why Tweens Lose Interest with School

Physical Obstacles: If your tween is suddenly having trouble keeping up with his studies or isn't following along with his fellow classmates, there could be a physical problem that's causing his troubles. Be sure your child has his eyes and his hearing checked every year. Vision and hearing loss can creep up on a child and neither the child or the parent may realize that there's a problem. If your child can't see the white board or hear his teachers' lectures, his grades will likely take a tumble, as well as his interest in school. 

Overscheduled Calendar: Every parent wants their child to have a social life and life beyond school work. But the truth is many tweens are over scheduled and the result is burnout. If given the choice to choose between a fun sports activity and studying, it's fair to say most tweens will opt for the later. Be sure your tween has a healthy mix of after school activities, but remember, school has to come first.


Family Problems: Sometimes family life can be stressful, especially for sensitive tweens. If you're family is grieving, going through a divorce, experiencing job loss, or is facing financial or health problems, your tween will suffer, just as you do. While you want your child to know what's going on, you don't have to share every detail, and probably shouldn't, especially if your tween has difficulty coping with stressful situations.

If your family is truly facing a crisis, it might help to seek the advice of a therapist or the school counselor. 

Bullying or Peer Pressure: Middle school is peak season for bullying, in fact, children your child has known his whole life may suddenly change and turn on him. It's sad, but rarely do children make it through middle school without some encounter with a bully, mean girl, or even a former best friend turned frenemy. The upside is that your child will learn a lot about real friendships and integrity and how to handle himself when these situations present themselves. Role play ways your child can respond to a verbal attack, and help your tween expand his social circle so that he always has a good friend he can rely on. 

Disconnect with the Teacher: Sometimes a student and a teacher just don't click and when that happens a child may lose interest in the class. Students may also give up when they see that a teacher is playing favorites, or is unrealistic about homework assignments and other expectations.

While you can't make your child's teacher like your student you can make sure that expectations are realistic and that there's equal opportunity for success in the classroom. Make sure your tween knows that you're behind him 100 percent, and willing to work with him on any academic struggles he might be having. 


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