Where Can I Find Sign Language Clip Art?

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Clip art is any pre-made image used to illustrate any medium. Clip art is used extensively in both personal and commercial projects. People use clip art to create posters, educational materials and crafts. You don't have to be a graphic designer to find lots of interesting ways to use clip art.

Clip art comes in many forms, both electronic and printed. However, most clip art today is created, distributed and used in an electronic form.

Since its inception, clip art has evolved to include a wide variety of content, file formats, illustration styles and licensing restrictions. Clip art is generally composed exclusively of illustrations (created by hand or by computer software) and does not include stock photography.

Sign Language Clip Art

Students, teachers and the general public may want to use sign language clipart to create everything from posters to educational materials. There are many places you can find clip art specifically for sign language: 

American Sign Language Clip and Create

A Clip and Create package can be purchased from Institute for Disabilities Research and Training. This product enables the creation of all sorts of sign language materials and games. Amazon.com shares the following details about the latest Clip and Create package:

  • Over 5,555 sign pictures (more than 1,500 new signs). Sign-O pictures are larger. Print the User's Guide. Access the categories from Custom Print section. More categories of signs to choose from. Print the pictures in grid and individual form directly from the dictionary.
  • The Custom Printing section allows you to create various types of materials (e.g., single and double-fold cards, stationary, 2-5 page banners, labels). Once you have selected the type of material you want to make, you can import sign clipart from the dictionary, use shapes or draw freehand, add text, import other images, and of course, save, and/or print your creation.
  • A layering feature allows you to decide which pictures to move to the front, and which to move to the back. Each of your creations can be saved within the program, or as a bitmap, to be used in other programs.
  • ASL Clip and Create 5* contains seven templates that can be customized by using any of the vocabulary in the dictionary. Make your vocabulary selections, and get instantaneous crossword puzzles, word searches, SIGN-O cards, fingerspelling scrambles, and ABC order worksheets.
  • An Alternate Display button allows you to retain the same vocabulary but create different worksheets. All templates can be saved within the program or as bitmap files!

Adding Captions

For adding sign language representations (think sign language "captions") to digital media, there are the Sign Smith Studio and ASL Animations products from Vcom3D, for adding avatars and animated graphics, respectively.

Additional Free Resources Online:

  • Gold Clip Art's Letters and Numbers
  • Alpha Info Products offers some free animated clip art of signed words online (such as "cookie"), downloadable as separate GIFs or as ZIP files.
  • abcteach has free clip art suitable for making cards for bulletin boards or flashcards. The graphics can be downloaded as PDFs.
  • wpclipart.com has numerous free sign language cliparts including all of the numbers and letters of the alphabet. There are even German and British language clip art ABCs and braille ABCs clip art.

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