Where to Buy Pilates Equipment

A Source List for Pilates reformers, chairs and more

Pilates studio equipment, such as the reformer, chair, cadillac or barrel, is a significant investment. While you may be familiar with a certain brand, it is always a good idea to comparison shop. Below, you will find a reference list for most of the companies that manufacture and sell quality Pilates equipment.

When you are deciding what type of equipment to buy, you will want to keep a few things in mind: its appearance, the size of your space, the size of the equipment, its sturdiness, and its price (of course). The brands listed below are known to be reputable. You just need to know your needs.

Also, if you are considering buying a professional grade equipment, you may want to do the math first. Consider the amount of time you do Pilates, and the amount for your sessions. For instance, if you do Pilates twice a week and each session costs you $25 dollars, your Pilates habit costs you $2,600 a year. A professional grade reformer can cost between $3,000 and $5,000 dollars. Depending on how often you use it, it could pay for itself in about a year or two.

Below you will find notes about each company as well as links to relevant information. All companies listed sell studio equipment accessories like springs, boxes and handles. Those that also sell light equipment like circles, balls, and mats are marked with an *. Please note that this list is in random order and this writer is trusting reputation rather than personal experience on some brands.

Gratz Pilates Cadillac
The Designer Cadillac, Gratz Pilates

Gratz Pilates has the distinction of being the original manufacturer of Pilates equipment. The founder of Gratz worked directly with Joseph Pilates, and later designs were developed with the Pilates Elder Romana Kryzanowska.


Peak Pilates Reformer
The Fit Reformer, Peak Pilates

Peak Pilates is one of the companies that has led the way in manufacturing Pilates equipment that is more portable for home, and commercial use such as in gyms. They also manufacture traditional style Pilates equipment.

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Pilates reformer
The New-Standard Reformer, Tirado Apparatus

In 2006, Tirado Pilates Apparatus designs were reviewed and approved by Romana Kryzanowska as "adhering to the traditional and original standards."

Tirado Pilates Apparatus is endorsed by Peter Fiasca, author of Discovering Pure Classical Pilates.


balanced body allegro
The Tower of Power, Balanced Body

While maintaining a line of traditional Pilates studio equipment, Balanced Body is a significant innovator — adding new kinds of equipment to their line as well as producing portable large equipment for home and gym use.

Balanced Body is also the manufacturer of the Avalon chair designed by Rael Isacowitz, and the CenterLine Pilates equipment developed in collaboration with the founders of The Pilates Center of Boulder. The Centerline reformer is featured in our Beginner Pilates Reformer Exercises Reference.


Stott Pilates spine corrector
Spine Corrector, STOTT PILATES® photography © Merrithew Corporation

Merrithew is a large "contemporary Pilates" company with a long track record. Stott Pilates is one of their brands that makes a full line of equipment for home and studio. 

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