Where to Buy Designer Diaper Bags

Shop online to save time... And money

luxury diaper bags
Luxury diaper bags, like this Not Rational Diaper bag, can be hard to find. PriceGrabber

Parenthood in general means spending less time on ourselves and more on our little ones, but that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice style. Carrying a chic diaper bag is an easy way to look polished and pulled together.

There are tons of diaper bags. Some choose function over fashion; others are so stylish you could mistake them for designer handbags, but a high-end, luxury diaper bag can be difficult to track down at your local mall or department store.

Enter online shopping. It brings the trendy boutiques and maternity shops to you, and it saves you a ton of time. As parents know, having a baby in tow makes what should be a quick trip to the mall a full-day event.

Before You Buy a Diaper Bag:

Don't exclusively choose fashion over function. You want your new diaper bag to be stylish, but you also want it to have sensible features. Be realistic. Maybe you want a smaller bag for quick trips and a bigger bag that equips you with the essentials. Don't be tempted by designer names and plush materials: buy the right bag for you.

Read Everything You Need to Know About Diaper Bags for a complete step-by-step guide. It includes tips on how to choose the right diaper bag and lots of bag reviews.

Online Retailers:

You can definitely find the designer diaper bag you've spotted on the arms of your favorite celebs and have been coveting for months online.

Here are some recommended retailers:

  • Posh Tots: I love to browse this website for all things baby. As far as diaper bags, Posh Tots carries a slew of designer bags. Some of those brands include StorkSak, Diaper Dude and Petunia Pickle Bottom, to name a few.
  • Rosenberry Rooms: For a fabulous selection and multiple styles and patterns to choose from, visit Rosenberry Rooms. With 16 designer brands, including the likes of Skip Hop, Timi and Leslie, Mia Bossi and Not Rational, you're bound to find something you love.
  • Bliss Diaper Bags: This retailer has an expansive selection. Bliss only sells diaper bags, and they do it well. You'll find the bag of your dreams here: designer bags, celebrity bags, you name it. Brands include Ju-Ju-Be, Kalencom, Nest and more.

If you can't justify spending big bucks on a fancy designer bag, you can still get the "look" by shopping for luxury diaper bags for less.

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