What Are Black Soy Beans and Where to Get Them

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Black Soy Beans: What Are They?

Black soy beans are merely a black variety of soy bean. Nutritionally, they are very similar to regular yellow soy beans, though they are higher in some phytonutrients, including antioxidants. They are low in net carbohydrates, and high in fiber, protein, vitamin K, iron, magnesium, copper, manganese, and riboflavin.

Half a cup of canned black soy beans has 1 gram net carb plus 7 grams of fiber (8 grams of total carbohydrate), 11 grams of protein and 120 calories.

What Are They Good for?

Black soy beans are great substitutes for higher-carb beans. They don't taste as  soy bean-like as the yellow ones do, but more like regular black beans.

They are great in baked beans, refried beans, bean soup, chili, 4-Bean Salad, and almost anywhere else you'd use beans.

Where Can I Find Them?

Most health food stores carry canned organic black soy beans by Eden Foods. The Eden brand is organic, non-GMO, and comes in BPA-free cans. Dry black soy beans are harder to find, but some stores carry them.

Recipes Using Black Soy Beans

  • Low-Carb Barbecue Baked Beans RecipeBlack soy beans stand in for navy beans in this barbecue beans recipe which isn't actually baked but tastes like it was.
  • Easy Low-Carb Bean Dip RecipeThis easy bean dip recipe is made with black soy beans and comes together in all of 5 minutes and will have your family and guests begging for more.
  • Low-Carb Refried Beans RecipeBlack soy beans stand in for traditional pinto beans in this low-carb version of the Mexican classic.

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