Where to Shop for Gluten-Free Food

Supermarkets With Gluten-Free Product Lists, Online Stores, and More

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Like all aspects of the gluten-free diet, shopping for food becomes easier once you have some experience. Many foods are naturally gluten-free, and you’ll be able to buy these as before at your local supermarket. If you live near a Whole Foods store or a Trader Joe’s, you are in luck, because these are veritable gold mines of gluten-free products. But if not, you can still take heart, because more and more grocery stores now allocate space to gluten-free products. (If your supermarket does not, tell the managers –- and have your friends tell them -- that it would be a good idea.) Health-food stores are also a good source for gluten-free products.

Following are the names of some supermarkets that make lists of their gluten-free products available on their websites.

But don’t forget: Local stores are not your only option. If the stores listed below are not convenient for you, consider ordering your products by mail. The mail-order websites I’ve listed below represent only a small sample of the dozens of companies that will send gluten-free products directly to your door.

If you know of a store or company that should be on one of these lists, let me know.

Supermarkets for Gluten-Free Shopping: North America

On the Hannaford website, you can download a brochure that lists the gluten-free items for sale in their stores.

Kroger’s Supermarkets
On the top of the home page of each of the Kroger supermarkets, follow the “Pharmacy and Health” link for a downloadable list of gluten-free products sold in their stores. The website cautions that this is only a partial list of all of their gluten-free products. Kroger’s registered dietitians can be reached at 866-632-6900.
Fred Meyer
King Soopers
Fry's Food
Smith's Food and Drug
Quality Food Centers
Food 4 Less
City Market
Owen's Market
Jay C Foods

The Publix list of gluten-free items is available online.

Shoprite’s list of gluten-free items is available online.

Stop and Shop
Stop and Shop Supermarkets’ list of gluten-free products is available on their website.

Trader Joe’s
Trader Joe’s offers a downloadable product list of their gluten-free items.

The Wegmans list of gluten-free items is updated weekly and can be reached from the company’s “Gluten Sensitivity” page. Wegmans also offers a list of products that are free of both gluten and lactose.

Whole Foods
The Whole Foods website provides store-specific lists of gluten-free items.

Supermarkets for Gluten-Free Shopping: Outside North America

Sainsbury’s (U.K.)
In addition to its list of gluten-free products, Sainsbury’s also publishes gluten-free recipes on its website. On the recipe page, enter “gluten” as a search term.
(My brother and sister-in-law lived in London for many years, and I can tell you that Sainsbury’s was stocking an amazing selection of delicious gluten-free foods years before any similar products started to show up in American stores. When I visited London, my sister-in-law would buy me the Sainsbury’s gluten-free fish sticks and pizzas, and I would fight my little (non-celiac) nephews for them. When they visited me in the U.S., I would make them bring me half a dozen boxes of the Sainsbury’s gluten-free bread mixes.)

Delhaize (Belgium)
The Delhaize company has developed an assortment of specialty food products for people with special dietary requirements, including those on gluten-free diets. These foods are displayed in a separate section in its stores. A list of these items (in French) is available on their website.

www.GlutenFree.co.il (Israel)
This is the largest store in Israel for Kosher gluten-free products. They ship worldwide.

Mail Order: Gluten-Free Prepared Foods (North America)

Ready-made gluten-free foods can be kept in the freezer and warmed up when you need something easy and quick to prepare. Many ready-to-eat gluten-free products are available in grocery stores, but if you need to order them by mail, consider some of these.

Dietary Specialities
Dietary Specialties offers such delicacies as gluten-free chicken nuggets, fish sticks, ravioli, and pierogies.

PurFoods Gluten-Free Delivery
Gluten-free meals delivered fresh (not frozen) by Federal Express.

Everybody Eats, Inc.
Everybody Eats is a New York City-based restaurant that specializes in gluten-free cuisine. They deliver in the five boroughs and ship nationwide via Federal Express. They offer gluten-free entrees, breads, pastas, desserts, and sweets. A partial list of their products appears on their website.

Grandma Ferdon's
Grandma Ferdon’s® 100% guaranteed Gluten Free Foods sells its products –- including its “comfort meals” –- through 29 retail locations throughout the Midwest, as well as through its website and its factory outlet store in Hayward, Wisconsin. Grandma Ferdon’s ships nationwide.

Mail Order: Gluten-Free Prepared Foods (Outside North America)

Intolerable Food Co. (U.K.)
The Intolerable Food Co. (for people with food intolerances) ships frozen, pre-cooked gluten-free meals in one- and two portion sizes. They offer nationwide mail order service.

Pure Flavour (U.K.)
Offers gluten-free ready-made meals, "cakes and bakes," raw chocolate and more. Located in East Sussex. Delivers locally, ships nationwide.

Lady of Shallott (U.K.)
Local to Sheffield. Vegetarian and vegan fresh, natural prepared foods. Their homemade stock contains no gluten. Corn flour is used for thickening where required. Wheat free substitutes could be available upon request.

Mail Order: Gluten-Free Groceries and Baked Goods (North America)

Following are a few of the many companies from which you can order gluten-free products by mail.

The Gluten-Free Mall
Offers a wide selection of gluten-free, wheat-free, casein-free and other allergy-related health foods and special dietary products.

glutenfree.com Founded by professional chef and food writer Beth Hillson, this site offers not only gluten-free groceries but also ideas to help readers thrive on a gluten-free diet.

Kinnikinnick Foods Inc.
Kinnikinnick Foods manufactures gluten free and casein free foods in its own dedicated gluten-free facility and offers a very large selection of gluten-free products, with a focus on bread products, muffins, buns and rolls, breakfast items (including frozen waffles), and donuts.

Free From Market
Free From Market is a specialty food store that has an extensive collection of close to 3,000 gluten free items. (They also carry low protein, low carbohydrate, and vegan groceries, antibiotic-free grass-fed meats, pharmaceutical grade supplements, chemical free household cleaners, natural health and beauty products, high tolerance air purifiers, dust-mite-repellent linens, and more allergy products.)

Safely Gluten Free
SafelyGlutenFree.com, based in Iowa, has a wide variety of flours, pastas, pastries, cereals and more -- all ready to ship to your door. Visit their site to shop and browse their recipes, baking tips and articles.

You might find these interesting as well…

AKiN'S Natural Foods Market
Enter "gluten" in the search field on the AKiN's home page for a list of gluten-free foods available in their stores and by mail order.

Gluten Solutions
Offers an array of gluten-free products.

Mail Order: Gluten-Free Groceries and Baked Goods (Outside North America)

Allergyfree Direct (U.K.)
On the Allergyfree Direct website, you can order a wide range of gluten-free foods for delivery throughout the U.K.

Gluten Free Favourites (Australia)
Gluten Free Favourites will ship its products throughout Australia and worldwide.

Gluten Free Foods Ltd. (U.K.)
Gluten Free Foods Ltd. has over 70 gluten-free and wheat-free products under its two main brands, Barkat (which includes gluten-free breads, pizza crusts, pot meals, bread mix, organic porridge flakes and ice-cream cones) and Glutano (gluten-free biscuits, wafers, crispbreads, pastas, flour mix, cornflakes and muesli. In addition to sales via its website, the products are sold in the U.K. through pharmacies, health food stores, and leading supermarkets. The company also exports to 30 countries around the world.

www.GlutenFree.co.il (Israel)
www.GlutenFree.co.il is the largest store in Israel for Kosher gluten-free products. They ship worldwide.

GoodnessDirect (U.K.)
GoodnessDirect sells food and other health products for customers in the U.K. with special dietary needs. Their products include gluten-free baby foods.

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