Using a Cane

Which Hand Should Hold a Cane?

Marcy Maloy / Getty Images

Canes can be used for many conditions, including injuries, arthritis, or problems with balance. A cane is helpful in steadying gait and taking pressure off of an injured extremity.  While most people think of using a cane for people who have balance problems, a cane can also be extremely helpful for conditions that cause joint pain.

Which hand should hold the cane?

When using a cane, hold the cane in the hand opposite of the leg that needs support.

For example, if you have an injured right knee, hold the cane with your left hand. When you place your right leg out, swing the cane out with the leg. When placing pressure on the right leg, also place pressure on the cane with the left hand.

It's important that your cane is properly sized, and most canes can be easily adjusted to match your needs.  The cane is generally sized to hip height, such that the elbow is slightly bend as you hold the cane at your side.

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