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Who to Invite to a Baby Shower for Twins/Multiples

Baby Shower for Twins
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Baby Showers for Twins/Multiples: Who | What | Where | When | Why

Baby showers are a favorite tradition of pregnancy, and the celebration is heightened for expectant parents of twins or multiples. A time to come together in anticipation of the babies' arrival, the highlight of the event is the "showering" of gifts and good wishes on the impending parents. When those parents are expecting twins or multiples, there are some important factors to consider when having or hosting a baby shower.

Baby Showers for Twins/Multiples: Who's Involved?

Traditionally, a baby shower is given by relatives or friends of the pregnant mother. It could be a community event hosted by neighbors, a surprise party planned by co-workers, or a gathering of the mother’s best girlfriends.

  • If you're hosting a shower: Consult the mother-to-be regarding her preferences. Would she most enjoy a ladies-only event? Or perhaps a party that includes the whole family, featuring th dad-to-be and older children, would be more appropriate.
  • If you're having a shower: If consulted, work with your host to prepare an appropriate guest list, keeping in mind your relationship and the limitations of space and budget. 

As with many aspects of having multiples, more is always merrier! There’s no reason not to enjoy multiple baby showers if the opportunity arises.

The Five W's of Baby Showers for Twins/Multiples: Who, What, When, Where, and Why.

Baby Showers for Twins/Multiples: Who | What | Where | When | Why

For first-time parents, a traditional shower featuring gifts for the babies and advice for the parents is a welcome start to their parenthood adventure. For more experienced parents, or for parents who are lucky enough to enjoy multiple shower events, there are many new creative and fun alternatives.

  • Do Dinner: One of the most thoughtful gifts for a expectant mother is a freezer full of ready-to-reheat meals. Consider hosting an event at a meal preparation center or dinner assembly store. National chains like Super Suppers and Dream Dinners are opening franchises in many locations, and independent local outfits (such as Coastal Cooks in my own hometown are also becoming abundant. Most are equipped to host a group of 10-20 guests, who work together to prepare dishes to gift to the guest of honor.

    Tips: Make sure that the expectant family has the ability to store the prepared meals in the freezer. If not, consider arranging a schedule for meal delivery after the babies arrive. It’s also not a bad idea to consult the family about their dining preferences so that they’ll receive meals that please their palate and meet their dietary needs.
  • Diaper Drive: If there’s one thing moms of multiples can’t get enough of, it’s diapers. If the mother-to-be already has an ample supply of clothes, toys and equipment for her babies, she’ll likely still need to stock up on diapers and would appreciate a diaper drive shower.

    Let the guests know that you’re doing a diaper drive, and suggest a variety of sizes, including a few preemie/newborn packages and up to twelve month sizes. Designate a few guests to provide diaper supplies such as wipes.

    Tips: You don’t want to shower a mom with crates of Pampers and Huggies if she’s made the choice to use cloth diapers or a diaper service. Best to check with the guest of honor about her intentions.
  • Spa/Pampering: In some cases, it’s best to make the shower about mom, rather than the babies. A spa shower or a pampering party are just the ticket. Schedule the shower at a local salon or day spa that offers prenatal massage, manicures or pedicures, or hire a professional to offer services in a home or other party location. Have guests chip in for pampering gifts for the mom to be, including comfy maternity pajamas and body care items.

    Tip: Don’t forget about mom’s comfort after the babies arrive; a gift certificate for some pampering down the road will be much appreciated.
  • Make it Memorable: Regardless of the style of the shower, you’ll want to commemorate the occasion with plenty of pictures and mementoes. A thoughtful gesture is to arrange a scrapbook of pictures as a special gift for the parents. Or, consider compiling a guest book, giving all of the attendees the opportunity to record their thoughts and advice about parenthood.

    The Five W's of Baby Showers for Twins/Multiples: Who, What, When, Where, and Why.

    Baby Showers for Twins/Multiples: Who | What | Where | When | Why

    Any place that can accommodate guests and gifts is an ideal location for a baby shower. One consideration for moms of multiples, however, is that she may have some limited mobility after a certain point in her pregnancy. Out of town events that require traveling are best scheduled prior to the third trimester. And in some cases, the most convenient option for a mom of multiples is to hold the shower in her own home so that she doesn’t have to venture very far.

    Of course, she should not be required to do anything beyond showing up for the party; let the hosts worry about cooking, cleaning and entertaining the guests.

    Tip: Make sure that the expectant mom has a comfortable place to sit during her shower.

    The Five W's of Baby Showers for Twins/Multiples: Who, What, Where, When, and Why.

    Baby Showers for Twins/Multiples: Who | What | Where | When | Why

    One special consideration for moms of multiples is the timing of a shower. While the traditional time for a shower is during the third trimester, that might not be the best option for a mom of twins, triplets or more who is more likely to deliver earlier than a singleton mom. She also may be encumbered by bed rest or other mobility restrictions later in her pregnancy.

    Schedule a baby shower early enough in the third trimester so that the guest of honor is still comfortable and active. For moms of twins, aim for an event prior to the 36th week of pregnancy, and avoid planning events for moms of triplets or more after thirty weeks.

    If the babies arrive early, or even if they’re right on time, there’s nothing wrong with having a baby shower after they’re born. In some ways, it’s more practical; parents will have a more realistic grasp about their needs and wants.

    The Five W's of Baby Showers for Twins/Multiples: Who, What, When, Where, and Why.

    Baby Showers for Twins/Multiples: Who | What | Where | When | Why

    Gifts and good wishes are the main focus of a baby shower! Registries are a wonderful way for expectant parents to communicate their preferences to their guests. It ensures that the family receives the items that they truly want and need, and avoids duplication of popular gifts. Online registries, such as that at make it easy for out of town friends and relatives to shop for the babies.

    Some of the most popular and appreciated gifts for parents of multiples are found in this list of Top Ten Baby Gifts for Twins/Multiples. Clothing, baby equipment, toys and nursery items are generally good gifts, but always check with the intended recipients about their preferences.

    If you are on a budget, consider these inexpensive baby gifts for twins, with all items priced under $25. Or, if cost isn't an issue, check out these big ticket gifts. More expensive items also make a fantastic option for a group gift, with several people contributing to the cost. 

    As alternatives to the traditional baby gifts, consider asking guests to contribute towards one large purchase, such as a double stroller, car seats, nursery furniture or high chairs. Or, choose a theme, and have guests give small items that can be compiled into a basket. For example, consider:

    • Bedtime Basket: pajamas, blankets, crib items, mobile, nursery monitor, lullaby music
    • Bathtime Basket: baby bathtub, baby shampoo, towels, washcloths, bath toys, bath seats, bath care items (see Bathtime Tips for Twins & Multiples
    • First Aid/Safety Basket: include medical and hygiene items for babies, such as baby Tylenol, teething drops, cotton balls, swabs, thermomenter, medicine measuring spoons, and various safety gadgets for childproofing.
    • Book Basket: books for all ages and stages, including board books for babies and picture books. Ask guests to contribute their own personal favorites, and add a note sharing why their selection is special to them.

    Tip: Gift receipts are a thoughtful and convenient inclusion with a baby gift, allowing parents to return or exchange items if necessary.

    The Five W's of Baby Showers for Twins/Multiples: Who, What, When, Where, and Why.

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