Why Do I Feel Dizzy When I Get Off the Treadmill?

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"I sometimes feel dizzy when I step off the treadmill.  How can I prevent that?"

Usually when you feel dizzy after stepping off the treadmill, it‘s because you stopped too abruptly and didn’t give your body a chance to cool down. A cooldown after running keeps the blood flowing throughout the body. Stopping suddenly can cause light-headedness because your heart rate and blood pressure drop rapidly.

Winding down slowly allows your heart rate and blood pressure to fall gradually and safely.

How to Do a Cooldown on the Treadmill                     

  • After the work portion of your run, slow down the treadmill to 3.5 mph. Jog slowly for 5 minutes. You should feel your heartrate and breathing both slowing down.
  • Slow the treadmill to 3.0 mph and walk for 3-5 minutes.
  • If you're worried about treadmill time limits and you just don't have enough time for a 10-minute cool down, you should at least walk briskly for 3-5 minutes before stepping off the treadmill.

After a cooldown is a great time to do stretching or yoga.  Here are some stretches and yoga moves to try:

Still Feeling Dizzy?

If you feel dizzy after running even after you’ve done a proper cooldown, there may be something else going on, so talk about your symptoms with your health care provider.

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