Why Going Blind is not Losing Sight of Your Future

Checking a Braille Watch
Checking a Braille Watch. Altrendo images/Getty Images

Many people are in the midst of celebrating October as Blindness Awareness Month, a National Day in the US initiated by The Little Rock Foundation.

The founders of this non-profit organization, formed in 1997, know how it feels to be caught between a rock and a hard place.

They have turned what some would consider an unbearable challenge into an inspirational vision dedicated to improving the lives of children who are blind or visually impaired.

From personal experience, they realized that going blind did not mean losing sight of the future.

When twins, Rocco and Michael Fiorentino were were born prematurely at 24 weeks, Rocco had a 3 to 5% chance of surviving. Sadly, his twin brother died, but Rocco was placed in an incubator to give him the best chance of living.

His mother couldn’t hold him but, amazingly, she saw a way around their family’s living nightmare. She asked to have jazz music piped softly into her son’s incubator 24/7 in the hope of stimulating his senses.

Did it work? Yes…with a new challenge to face.

Rocco not only survived (although the high level of oxygen required in the incubator caused him to go blind), but he and his family have been unstoppable ever since.

The young Rocco, now in his teens and an ambassador for The Little Rock Foundation, is an accomplished pianist, composer and singer and an award-winning humanitarian.

Like Rocco and his parents, being able to step into our own future is something we can all achieve when we don’t let an insurmountable obstacle stop us dead in our tracks.

4 Great Life Lessons We Can Adopt during Blindness Awareness Month

On days when special challenges of being blind or having low vision present themselves to you, knowing the following 4 powerful qualities should save you from any major disappointment.


1: Muster the Strength to Persevere

It is true that for the blind or visually-impaired life can get tough at times. But when life gets tough, you have to get even tougher.

If you can diligently chip away at an obstacle that is barring the path to achieving your goals and aspirations, you will begin to shift the massive block of resistance little by little.

Whether it is a case of negative attitude or loss of self-confidence, it is important to have a measure of determination that will help you get beyond such challenging issues.

2: Trust in Your Ability to Find Other Ways

You can also draw on the knowledge and experience of others who are dealing with the same challenges and obstacles by joining a support group.

Practical solutions to everyday living when you are blind or visually-impaired can be met in other ways you may not have considered yet. A friendly group, either in person or online can offer emotional support to keep you from feeling overwhelmed.

3: Keep Focused. Don’t Give Up

Whenever the obstacle of blindness tries to block your direction, see its potential instead.

Don’t let it beat you. Never give up.

You may just need to rest, deal with frustration, or talk with a friend or rehabilitation counsellor. Being blind or visually-impaired certainly doesn’t define your  whole personality. Keep focused and give yourself credit for taking one day at a time, one achievement and new life-skill at a time.

4: Taking Action Gets the Diamond out of Hard Rock

Just remember, diamonds are also rocks in disguise and they will continue to be hard little stones if not properly polished to bring out their hidden brilliance.

Your experience of being blind becomes a unique opportunity to shine when you take action (as in Rocco Fiorentino’s story), to bring out your best for everyone you meet along the way to your future.

To ‘Keep the blind in mind’, read what Rocco Fiorentino is doing today:

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