21 Super Reasons Why Having Low Vision Makes You Incredibly Attractive

There are many advantages to living with vision loss

Woman Smelling Roses
Take time to smell the roses. Harry Williamson/ Spring Studio

You wouldn’t suppose having low vision might make you highly attractive to be around.

In fact, this might be the last thing you are expecting to be true as sight fades.

Let me reassure you from personal experience, something extraordinary happens when you openly share the hidden advantages being blind or visually-impaired can bring.

Your loss of sight brings a clearer vision of how humanity works.

People are more attracted to being around those who try to turn their obstacles into opportunities.

The key is this:

“Master yourself, and become king of the world around you. Never be a victim of life; be its conqueror.” (Mike Norton).

Sure. It takes huge effort and skill to adapt to living in a sighted world, and sometimes fate seems determined to steer us off course from the plans we had: but to be human is to be  given many challenges during our lifetime.

It is how we face them that is the way we grow into creating an attractive life, with or without sight.

You may never totally master your fears but there is one key way to turn an ugly situation into a more pleasant experience.

Humor is your master key!

Being willing to adapt to living with a disability, by putting your focus at times on a brighter perspective, will make you super-attractive to those who stand by you and admire your fun spirit and courage in the face of adversity.

You begin to  understand you can be master of your lifestyle rather than fall victim to your life’s challenge.

Bring the mirror of truth up close and realize you are looking at the same person who sees from a different perspective to become ‘king or queen’ of your world.

If you can see any of these 21 super-reasons shining right back at you in the mirror of disability, congratulations – you are about to share with others just how attractive you are to be around!

Let’s jump right in…

1 With low vision you are the perfect partner because you don’t argue  about who has got  the car keys …ever.

2 Your low vision means you are not one for window shopping and won’t point out expensive jewellery with a hint to your Valentine.

3 You are such a darling because you never ask, “What was that look for?”

4 Your vision impairment makes you highly trustworthy as you are not likely to go snooping into your partner’s emails or text messages or bank balance.

5 Your life-partner is comfortable knowing he/she can appear in your eyes as color-coordinated, no matter what they wear.

6 With low vision you get a closer glimpse of being a ‘Royal’ as people are eager to look after you with grand overtures of help. They offer much assistance, often putting their own agenda aside to meet your needs first.

7 You are now in possession of a V.I.P card (visually-impaired person) and happily flash it about especially to get on a plane first or get taken to the front of a line.

8 Tapping a white cane purposefully makes traffic stop just for you.

9 Your friends love going out with you to experience a touch of royalty as your cane sweeps a clear path through human traffic – for both of you.

10 With low vision you have the canny ability to save as you sail straight past visual advertisements and fancy window displays, so money doesn’t stray easily from your wallet.

11 When friends want to buy you a meal, you are free to order anything you like because it is impolite to ask how much your meal is going to cost them.

12 You sometimes get to enjoy being upgraded to first class on a plane, especially when traveling with a guide dog for no extra cost.

13 You are proud of the huge savings you are accruing by not having a car, and the cost of insurance, gasolene and repairs.

14 Having low vision you are never blamed for anything!

15 No one yells at you when you accidentally knock over a precious shop display.

16 If you jump to the front of a line because you can’t see where to take a numbered ticket, people not only let you go first, but they actually SMILE at you!

17 You can honestly say, with your limited vision, that everything in your eyes looks clean. Gone are those wasted hours of scrubbing stubborn stains on clothes and walls.

18 You have a legitimate excuse to turn a blind eye and walk past certain people you prefer not to talk to at a party or in the workplace.

19 Your popularity soars because your friends are more likely to invite you over to their house knowing you won’t see their mess and they don’t have to vacuum before you arrive.

20 Your teenage kids have to organise their own lifts to and from their weekly sports match so not only are you not expected to get them there but you also have all that peaceful time when they are out of the house.

21 With low vision you are an ambassador for living life to the full because, no matter how challenging it gets with having low vision, you seek to always find the courage tinged with humor that makes all the difference in being able to face the sun, even if it appears to be a cloudy day.

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