Why High Heels Might Help You Lose Weight

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Wouldn’t it be helpful to know if your weight loss program is going to work before you go through the trouble of starting it? Wouldn’t it be handy to know if the hours of exercise are really going to be worth it? If you’re a woman of a certain age, there might be one way to find out: look inside your shoe closet. Sounds random, right? Keep reading and I’ll explain.


Your First Pair of Heels

How old were you when you bought your first pair of high heels?

You were probably a teenager. You were at that age when you were a little more reckless and rebellious, not always prudent or frugal, and maybe a little self-centered. You probably didn’t know how to walk properly in your heels, but you were carefree enough to give it a try.

Teenagers don’t always posses the most flattering set of personality attributes. You might be parenting a teenager now and can’t remember how you ever acted that way. But be honest, how many of these qualities could have described you as a teenager?

  • You were idealistic. You had a naïve sense of confidence about your potential and often dreamed of the person you wanted to become in life.
  • You took risks. You were willing to tolerate discomfort and try new things, even when they didn’t completely make sense.
  • You knew everything. You were confident about your abilities and your beliefs – even if your experience level didn’t support it.
  • You were vain. You invested in your own personal style and spent too much time primping and achieving your look.
  • Your world revolved around you. You and your friends were at the center of your universe.

If you teetered on heels for your first date, your first prom or for a special night out, you were probably a girl who believed in herself and her ability to take on the world.

Aging, Wisdom and Weight Loss

With age, most of us became wiser, calmer, and more dependable. We learned to put others first. We became more tolerant and less likely to get upset about little things (like a one pound increase on the scale). We tempered the youthful qualities that didn’t serve us well and became the kind of responsible adults that would grow up to lead comfortable and sensible lives.

Getting older and wiser might sound like a good thing. But go back and look at the list of attributes we threw away. The qualities that you had as a teenager are the same qualities that would serve you well if you were trying to lose weight. You’d be careless enough to take risks, you’d have enough arrogance to put yourself first, enough youthful vanity to spend time on your appearance, and just enough blissful ignorance to believe that you could become whoever you wanted to become if you just tried hard enough.

If you’ve dieted before you know that trying to lose weight can be a vigorous struggle.

And it’s particularly difficult when you head into battle armed only with a finely tuned sense of complacency and the calm wisdom to avoid anything harsh or uncomfortable. So why not level the playing field with some adolescent tenacity? Refuel your inner teenager. Go find that younger self…inside your shoe closet.

What Happened to Your Heels?

Do you remember how you felt when you wore that first pair of heels? Confident. Important. Sexy. Your feet probably ached by the end of the night and you may have had blisters for weeks, but you had enough moxie to tolerate the pain so that you could look fabulous and feel great in your shoes.

Now look in your shoe closet. Do you still own really high heels? Have you replaced the 4-inch pumps with sensible, comfy walkers? What happened to the woman who was willing to put up with a little discomfort for the sake of looking and feeling great? The key to success in your next diet lies in your ability to find that woman, with all of her reckless teenage attributes to guide her though the difficulty of weight loss.

Battle Plan: Go Shopping

Here’s your plan: Before you start a new weight loss program, go shoe shopping. Buy a pair of fabulous, attention-grabbing, sexy, seductive heels. Then, the next time you are tempted to cheat on your diet or skip your workout, put on your shoes instead. Feel confident, sexy, powerful and optimistic. Remember how it feels to be feisty and youthful. Then decide if it’s worth it to stick it out and deal with some discomfort to get the healthy body that you deserve. Put yourself first and believe that you can do whatever you set out to do, even when common sense says you can’t.

Trust me, you’ll put down the snack and you’ll go do your workout.

Just remember to take the shoes off first.

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