Why IBD Makes You A Better Person

Having IBD May Give You A Few Advantages -- If You Know How To Look At It

You may not think your inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) makes you awesome. In fact, you might think that your Crohn's disease or your ulcerative colitis makes you less prepared for the twists and turns that life throws at you. But this couldn't be further from the truth. Your IBD actually prepares you for the adversities of life and the complexities of interpersonal relationships in ways you never considered possible. Keep reading to find out why IBD could actually make you more successful, more grateful, and a person that people will want as a friend.

You Actually Care About Other People

Father and son hugging
Do you care? Really care about others? That might be a side effect of your IBD. Image Source/Getty Images

Your difficulties with your own health have helped you to become more empathic to other people's struggles, no matter what they are. You are probably the person that is first in line when it comes to offering help and support to your family and friends when they are ill. Other people may hang back, but you are the one who takes your friends and family to the doctor, brings them chicken soup when they have a cold, or hold their hand and just listen when they need some comfort.

You Are A Truly Loyal Friend

Clasping Hands
You probably have a few really close friends that you've had for a long time. Image © Sanja Gjenero

IBD has a way of weeding out certain types of people in your life. After a few years of the ups and downs of your illness, you are able to figure out pretty quickly who you can count on, and who you can't. Anyone who has difficulty with adversity is probably not going to stay long in your inner circle of friends. The result is that the people who are left, those that are the closest to you, are very intimate friends. You appreciate your friends, more than most, and you are incredibly loyal to them.

You Have Laser-Like Focus

You might just know how to zero in on something and see it through to the end. Image © Piotr Banola

People with chronic illnesses don't have any time to waste. You know that at almost any time, you could be stopped in your tracks to deal with an issue in regards to your health. Because of this, you know that when you want to get something done, you need to do it now, and you don't waste any time. This, more than so many other things, is a key component to success in your personal life, and in your professional life. Sometimes, being the person who shows up and isn't afraid to put their heart into a project can be the most important thing you bring to the table.

You Appreciate What You Have

Woman On Sofa
A day without pain. A perfect cup of tea. You love the little things. Image © Piotr Lewandowski

More than once, you've run into difficulties because of your IBD. You've had to cancel your plans, you've experienced disappointment, you've had to schedule your life around your medications and your symptoms. Because you have lived with so many challenges, you truly appreciate the little things that many people take for granted. Everything from a hot cup of tea to a day without pain is something to be treasured.

You Have Life Experience

Ever feel like you're the only one who knows where they're going? Could be another IBD side effect. Image © Murat Cokal

Your IBD has taken you on an unexpected journey. You have had experiences in your life that many people never have, and never will. In some cases, you might want to trade those experiences in, but they have made you the person you are today. Not only that, but you are more worldly, more sophisticated, and know much more about life and death and what comes in between than most other people do. 

You Will Find Benefits, If You Know Where To Look

You may often feel as though you've been given the short end of the stick in life because of your IBD, and no one would blame you for feeling that way. Life is what you make of it -- you will only get out of it what you put into it. The energy you put into the people and the activities you love will determine how fulfilled you are in your life, despite the challenges that IBD is throwing at you.

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