3 Reasons Pilates Is Exploding in Popularity

A Pilates instructor works with a student.
A Pilates instructor works with a student. Seth Joel/Getty Image

This year more people than ever will do Pilates. Fusion and hybrid techniques and the mash up of fitness regimes that claim to confer the benefits of Pilates will continue to surge. But something else is happening in the Pilates landscape. The old-school teachings of Joseph Pilates are surging in popularity. In somewhat of a fitness upset where "everything old is new again" there is a full-scale original Pilates renaissance in place.

As a studio owner I routinely speak with businesses far and wide and most say the same thing; "business is booming, we need more instructors." The fitness trends right now are far and away from the vintage Pilates training that is suddenly in high demand and yet it makes sense. I see three clear reasons we can expect to all be doing classical Pilates over the next few years.

1. Your Body Is Unique

Boutique gym or health club classes are a one size fits all experience. How can you treat a postpartum mother the same as a former athlete with an autoimmune condition? Or lump them both in the same workout as someone training for the marathon. Your body is individual. Your DNA is uniquely combined to make you a singular entity with specific needs. Pilates is custom built based on your particular body. With dozens of apparatus to choose from and hundreds of exercises to adapt for any condition, Pilates training is ideal for any body.

 I know one on one training can be costly but there is no better investment in your body than custom built training.  Consider what the cost of an injury is to you and your family if you can not work or require medical intervention. 

2. Consistent Results Matter.

New does not mean improved. Too creative can be just ridiculous.

Pilates is not meant to combine with boxing or swimming nor was it meant to picked apart and reduced to one single piece of equipment or one series of abdominal moves. It's a system. You either do the whole thing and get all the results or don't bother.  More often than not, exercisers in group classes or trend followers hit plateaus that squash their results. Studying a system of exercise avoids those plateaus. Learning an entire body of work is not just for your muscles, it's good for your brain, for your nervous system and for your spirit. When you learn exercises that routinely advance to more complex moves, to different equipment and to increased intensities, you are achieving specific measurable results. Practicing Pilates with an individual instructor insures you consistent results and eliminates plateaus.

3. Injuries Are Climbing. The Rebound Effect.

The beating yourself up thing is getting old. We've been here before. The exercise pendulum swings from decade to decade. With all of the "more is better" workouts on the rise - so are injuries. These exercise trends are self-limiting. As more and more people get hurt, the trends begin to change in response. It's already begun. Scores of spinners, hard core yogis, barre addicts and cardio junkies are flocking to Pilates to put the pieces of their bodies back together.

Pilates with its tough springs, ordered exercises and attention to detail is the prescription that exercisers need right now. And not just as an antidote but as injury prevention. As more and more people discover that they should be working out for the needs of their own personal lives and not like would-be Olympians, Pilates will continue to climb in popularity. 

Pilates studios are ready for you. Bring us your bodies.

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