Why Raising Tween Boys Can be Challenging

Raising boys has its ups and downs

Homework can be a struggle if your son's mind tends to wander.

 If your son is preparing to hit the tween years you'll be in for some ups and downs. Raising boys can be fun and challenging at the same time, especially during the tween years when there is so much growth and so many changes. Be sure you're prepared for anything by knowing what to expect. Below are a few challenges you might encounter while raising your son the next few years. 

Raising Tween Boys -- Unexpected Challenges

Their Heads are Somewhere Else: If it seems like your son's mind is somewhere else, it probably is. As your child's brain continues to grow he may exhibit a loss of concentration, restlessness (particularly in class) and struggles making it through chores or homework. If you think your son is exhibiting symptoms of ADD or ADHD it's probably best to get your pediatrician's opinion. Otherwise, you'll have to be patient and wait until your child's growing body catches up to his brain. 

They Push Back: Your once complacent child is now challenging everything you say. Does that sound familiar? Welcome to the tween and teen years. Be prepared for a little push back every now and then. It's all a part of your son growing up and developing an identity of his own. Be sure you set specific limits on what your tween may and may not do -- making dangerous decisions is out, as is being disrespectful to you or other adults.


Your May Not Like Their Friends: At some point your child will bring a friend home that you find annoying, or maybe even a bad influence. Mentor your tween so that he finds friends that support him, and that don't encourage him to put himself in situations that are potentially dangerous or stupid. Point out the qualities of a good friend and find distractions if necessary.

Emergency Room Visits Aren't Fun: If you haven't made a visit to the emergency room, there's a good chance you will during the tween years, especially if your son plays sports or finds thrills by climbing trees, taking risks, or acting before thinking things through. Emergency room visits are never fun, but if everyone gets to come home after seeing the doctor than you can all enjoy a collective sigh of relief. 

They Can be Sensitive: Girls are always accused of being sensitive, but boys can be as well. Your son may come home with hurt feelings after an altercation at school, or you may find that you came down on him too hard when you found out he didn't clean his room. Try to remind yourself that boys have feelings too, and those feelings can be hurt. Knowing your son's temperament and emotional capacity will help guide you through any difficult situations.

They Eat A Lot: Their bodies are growing and that means they can go through a lot of food. Prepare yourself for expensive grocery bills, and be sure your son's growing body has plenty of healthy snacks to choose from everyday.

You want to make sure your child doesn't add on unnecessary weight the next few years, so help him strike a balance between exercise, rest, and fun and to embrace healthy eating choices as much as possible. 

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