Blotches, Itchy Breasts & Subtle Signs of Breast Cancer

The public largely remains unaware of several breast cancer symptoms

Signs of Breast Cancer
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Lumps are hardly the only signs of breast cancer, given that itchy breasts and red blotches on breasts are also symptoms of the illness. Because breast cancer awareness campaigns have advised women to examine their breasts for lumps, this symptom has emerged as the one with which the public is most familiar. Learn to spot the other signs of breast cancer with this roundup of symptoms. If you're experiencing any of the symptoms below for an unexplained reason, don't hesitate to consult your doctor for an evaluation.

Breasts That Are Warm to the Touch:

A breast that always feel warm, or sometimes hot to the touch, is a symptom of inflammatory breast cancer, a dangerous and rare type of the disease.

Flat or Inverted Nipples:

A nipple that is flat or inverted is also a sign of breast cancer. This does not include having an inverted nipple since birth.

A Breast That Is Often Itchy:

If you have itchy breasts or nipples, talk to your doctor. These are both symptoms of breast cancer.

The Skin Around the Breast Is Dimpled or Looks like an Orange Peel:

Breasts and surrounding skin can take on a dimpled appearance, resembling an orange peel. Many women are too embarrassed to show a doctor breasts in this condition because they mistakenly believe they're suffering from cellulite or simply too overweight. This is not the case.

Swollen Breasts, Enlarged Breasts or Breasts Unaffected by the Menstrual Cycle:

It's normal for a woman's breast to become swollen and tender during fluctuations of the menstrual cycle, but when breasts constantly feel sore, a doctor should evaluate them.

Women should also consult their doctors if their breasts suddenly grow in size for no real reason, such as weight gain or hormonal changes such as puberty, PMS or pregnancy.  

Breasts That Are Red or Blotchy:

A breast that is red or blotchy, even having a rash-like appearance, should be evaluated by a doctor.

This is a symptom of inflammatory breast cancer. Inflammatory breast cancer is a type of cancer that often goes undetected by mammograms and self breast exams.


If you're experiencing any of these symptoms, don't fret. While the signs above may indicate breast cancer, they may also have other causes. Itchy breasts, for example, may be caused by an allergic reaction or fungal infection. Red blotchy breasts may also be a sign of allergies. However, if you're alarmed because you have one of the symptoms above, consult a doctor. Congratulate yourself on your vigilance, as early detection is the best way to beat breast cancer.  

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