7 Reasons Why the Second Trimester Sucks

Pregnant woman in pain on a ball
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If you are pregnant, you have likely been told that the second trimester is the best trimester out of the whole pregnancy. You hear people tell you that you’ll feel better, look better, and have way more energy. Sometimes that is true, and sometimes it isn’t. So to honor those who think the second trimester sucks, here are my reasons why you might still be suffering:

  1. You are still sick. Lots of people are told that their morning sickness will go away once they enter that second trimester. The truth is, it doesn’t always happen that way. Some women will stay sick through the whole pregnancy, other might stretch it out a bit longer into the second trimester. We honestly can’t say with any certainty who will fall into which camp.


  1. You don’t look pregnant. Sure, you’re showing, if by that you mean you look like you at Thanksgiving dinner all the time. The roundness of your pregnant lower belly is more defined when naked, though once you are dressed, you simply look fluffy and not pregnant. This will obviously change eventually. Though there are moms who manage to not look pregnant until the very end of pregnancy. This can be really annoying. Feel free to tell anyone who gives you a dirty look or buy a fun t-shirt announcing your due date.


  2. You are having a problem with gas. Yes, gas can be a huge problem in the second trimester. It can be painful, even if you are not trying to hold it in. Though it’s also not socially acceptable to let it out in most places. You might be able to track down which foods are offending and limit those, or you might just be a gassy gal for awhile.


  3. Pregnancy aches and pains might be starting. Typically you may start to see problems with round ligament pain towards the middle of this trimester. If you aren’t expecting it, they can be frightening. Even when you do know what to expect, they can be painful.


  1. Prenatal testing and stress. This is one that many pregnant women don’t really give much thought to going into the second trimester. But there are a lot of prenatal tests that are done in this trimester that center around the health of the baby. These tests can be physically painless but mentally taxing. And if the screening tests are positive, there are more complicated decisions to be made and then possibly more painful and invasive tests to do. This can add a lot of strain and some mothers report that it takes away from what should be a more joyous part of pregnancy.


  1. The big ultrasound worries. This one can go a lot of different ways, but many parents sweat the mid-pregnancy fetal anomaly scan in terms of whether or not to find out if the baby is a boy or a girl, whether or not the baby will cooperate, and what to do if they have a preference that does not match up with the reality. All of these can color the second trimester in a negative light. Some couples really get upset over differences of opinions on whether or not to find out. Other couples really struggle with gender disappointment.


  2. It’s the longest trimester. This is true for most moms. You miss a part of the first trimester because you don’t know that you are pregnant. And you potentially will give birth after 37 weeks of pregnancy, this makes the second trimester the one where you are fully aware of the entire set of weeks.


In the end, you can only hang on and try to find the small amounts of joy. Waiting for the baby movements to be felt. Enjoying the preparations. Making prenatal appointments and discussing your baby with your practitioners.

Hang in there, it does get better.

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