Why the Third Trimester of Pregnancy Sucks

Pregnant Woman Laying on the Couch
Photo © Blend Images/Getty Images

Welcome to the end of pregnancy! That’s what all the websites and pregnancy books say. They gleefully pronounce that you’re almost done. Ha. It certainly doesn’t feel that way, now does it?  Here are some reasons that the third trimester isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

  • Back Pain: Your back hurts. Not a little bit, but really hurts. You’ve read what to do, and you might have even tried a few of the exercises recommended to help with back pain in pregnancy. But who can really get down on all fours in a business meeting and do cat/cow pose in front of all the other people at work? Sure, getting a pregnancy massage would help, but your partner rubs your back for all of a few seconds and then declares it’s now your turn to rub them! Or worse, you try to pay for it and the massage sucks, if you could even afford it on a regular basis.


  • Return of Nausea and Vomiting: You remember morning sickness, your old friend, right? She’s rearing her ugly head again in this trimester. You thought you’d ditched her a few weeks back, only to find out that she’s back! And now, you’ve got a nearly full grown human being in your uterus that you are trying to lug around too.


  • Lack of Fashionable Clothes: Well, it might not be a lack of fashionable clothes, as much as it’s a lack of clothes that you ever care to see again. The last four outfits that fit you are probably ones that you have day dreams about burning in a bonfire. The problem is, if you did that would have to walk around naked. While there are days that this sounds like it wouldn’t be a bad thing, well, it would be. Perhaps you could buy something else to wear, but man, doesn’t that doom you to extra weeks of pregnancy? Like seeing a black cat cross your path or something?


  • Swelling: Sure, swelling can be a sign of a problem, but you don’t have THAT problem, you just have the normal “I can’t fit into my shoes” swelling. Everyone likes to wear flip flops in the winter, right? So everyone has a way to limit your swelling, and really what they are telling you is problematic ways to limit your fun. So, what’s a pregnant mama to do? Suck it up.


  • Due Dates: Seriously, due dates make you want to kick Dr. Naegle where it counts. If someone had told you what you know now about sharing information about due dates and what it meant 9 months ago, you just wouldn’t have done it. You would have lied and given them another date. As it stands, they are calling, emailing, stalking you on Facebook and other forms of social media. Your every move is watched, all because you “might be having the baby” without telling someone. This means you have to become a spy in your home and travel secretly just to stay out of their sight.

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