Why Women Don't Talk About Menopause

Why women don't talk about menopause

September is Menopause Awareness Month and there is a lot to celebrate! So much has changed and there is so much information to offer women so you can be empowered to embrace this important milestone - embrace your wisdom and grace.

Can you remember the first time you became aware of menopause?  Did you see your mom whispering about something and then start fanning herself?  Did you see your aunt start to cry for no reason, or complain of never being able to sleep?

  I’d be willing to bet you did not learn about menopause from a sit down discussion like the one you may have had about the birds and the bees.

Now remember back to your first dreaded health class – the one that talked about periods, and the reproductive cycle. Was menopause even mentioned in a way that you understood?  I bet it wasn’t. For many women it is an experience that is transitioned in silence - a silent passage.  

Why the hush-hush? What if everyone was taught about menopause as part of this health talk?  In a very matter of fact, nonchalant, nonjudgmental way, so that menopause is viewed as a normal passage that every woman goes through - with an awareness that during the time leading up to menopause there are a variety of symptoms that can occur.   And there are health professionals available to help through every stage, as needed. 

Educating girls and young women can help them understand what their moms and grandmothers are going through, and eventually the girls may be the ones giving the “talk”.

It's the best way to share what young girls and young women need to know about this normal transition. It's a great way to normalize menopause and take away some of the shame that some women feel when thy talk about it. And it's a great way to get women talking about it among each other.

If you have questions about perimenopause, menopause or beyond, join other women and ask me your questions at AskDrSeibel.com.

Each month you'll get answers to your most pressing questions. You'll also get to hear what other women are asking and learn from their journey. Hope to hear from you soon!

Also, be on the lookout for my latest book, The Estrogen Window. It's coming out from Rodale Publishers in April of 2016. In it you'll find the latest information on hormones and it won't be like any existing book. You'll discover how taking estrogen in your estrogen window can actually lower your risk of breast cancer, heart disease and dementia. But if you take estrogen after your estrogen window has closed, the risk for those very diseases increases. You'll know exactly what questions to ask your doctor or health care provider and how to ask them. I'll keep you posted as the time for publication draws nearer.

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