Will IBS Affect Your Weight?

Woman being weighed at the doctor's
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Weight loss or gain is not a typical symptom of IBS. However, for some people weight changes occur due to food choices made in an effort to control IBS symptoms.

IBS and Weight Gain

Some individuals find themselves gaining weight as they limit themselves to "safe" foods that aren't necessarily the healthiest. This may include gluten-free foods that are packed with sugar and unhealthy fats.

Weight gain may also occur as a result of an inability to exercise regularly due to disruptive IBS symptoms.

Lastly, IBS can result in bloating which would make a person look and feel "heavier." If any of this sounds like your experience, the following articles should be of help:

IBS and Weight Loss

Weight loss can occur when a person tries to cope with the disorder by strictly restricting what he or she eat. However, this is NOT recommended as a treatment for IBS as it could result in malnutrition.

A better strategy is to learn what foods your body can best tolerate:

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