Will Mineral Makeup Clear Acne?

Does Mineral Makeup Clear Acne? Photo: Steve Cole / Getty Images
Does Mineral Makeup Clear Acne?. Photo: Steve Cole / Getty Images

Question: Will Mineral Makeup Clear Acne?


Mineral makeup is a hot product. It's advertised as a more natural, gentle makeup option that won't irritate skin conditions like eczema, rosacea, and acne.

But using mineral makeup alone won't clear acne, and it isn't used to treat acne.

This doesn't mean that mineral makeup doesn't have its benefits. Proponents point to the fact that fragrance, preservatives and other filler ingredients that can cause problems for those with sensitive skin are absent from mineral makeup.

Also, most mineral makeup contains ingredients like titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, which have anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant properties. (Zinc oxide is the active ingredient in baby's bum balm because of this very fact.) They also offer some sun protection.

Some skin care pros think mineral makeup is nothing more than fabulous marketing by the beauty industry. No true studies have been done on the effects that mineral makeup may have on acne.

Most mineral makeup is noncomedogenic, though, so it generally won't clog pores or aggravate acne. But some mineral makeup brands contain bismuth oxychloride, an ingredient that causes skin irritation in certain people. Check the ingredient label.

Switching to mineral makeup may give you some relief if your acne is being caused by your current makeup (this type of acne is called acne cosmetica.) For the vast majority of people, though, the switch won't make a noticeable improvement in breakouts.

So use mineral makeup because you love the way it makes your skin look, but don't expect it to do much for acne. For that, you'll get better results from an acne treatment medication.

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