Wimberlean DVD Review

An Effective Band-Based Workout


WIMBERLEAN is the brainchild fitness program of celebrity fitness expert, Jason Wimberley. A former professional dancer, Jason has worked in the fitness industry for more than 10 years, teaching at major, trend-setting clubs, such as Equinox, Soulcycle and Revolution Studio.

Jason's original workout is a culmination of everything he's learned. The band-based program features small, flat bands for added resistance, and users are taken through a series of exercises designed to strengthen and tone while improving alignment and core strength.


The Home-Based Program

What you receive:

When you purchase the WIMBERLEAN Digital Download and WIMBERBANDS ($55 total) or the WIMBERLEAN DVD and WIMBERBANDS ($50 total), you receive seven band-based workouts ranging from 5 to 40 minutes long, You also receive a carrier bag with three different WIMBERBANDS of varying resistance levels.

The Workouts:

The workouts themselves are well-planned and well-led. Jason clearly knows what he's doing when it comes to instruction and form, and he does a good job of explaining the movements. I haven't worked much with bands in the past simply because they felt somewhat limiting - particularly the longer bands with handles at the ends. The WIMBERLEAN program actually showed me how effectively bands can be used for a wide variety of exercises. In fact, some of the exercises, including triceps press downs and biceps curls were what I'd term "genius." It never would have crossed my mind to use the small, looped bands this way.

That said, I actually found myself struggling through the program, and not just because my body was burning. (It was - the exercises were good, but that's not the problem.) I actually found myself getting bored with the pace of the programs. This is definitely a personal assessment, as I know many people love a slower, more methodical workout, but I'm someone who wants a fast-paced program, particularly when I'm working out at home.

I tend to be easily distracted, and if the program pace is too slow, I find myself paying attention to the dogs, the dirty dishes, or pretty much anything other than focusing on the workout itself.

The Instruction:

I'm impressed with Jason as an instructor. He's put together a solid program with exercises that are interesting and clearly unique to WIMBERLEAN. He has a keen focus on form, which is especially important to me when assessing the quality of a fitness routine. He's also just a likeable guy - motivating, energetic and sweet. Watching one of his highlight reels, actress Jane Lynch summed him up by saying he walked a fine line between masculine and feminine - that he's great at giving the masculine, "You can do this!" motivation, followed by a sweet and sensitive rub on the back. You get that same masculine/feminine juxtaposition when following his workouts at home.

The Results:

While I haven't done the program long enough to see marked results, I can vouch that I ended up sore after doing the workouts. Touted a "barre workout without the barre," movements are slow, steady and highly targeted, hitting muscles at angles that you might not hit during a standard strength training session.

I can definitely see how ongoing use of WIMBERLEAN would lead to better posture, a stronger core, and improved flexibility and range of motion.

Overall Impressions

While the WIMBERLEAN program isn't the best fit for me, personally, I'd recommend it to others. If you're a fan of barre or Pilates, you'll probably love this program.

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